TR: Dead Space Review

Stuart Andrews writes:

"A five star, flesh-crawling, scary sci-fi feast. While you can hardly describe it as original, Dead Space is one survival horror game you shouldn't miss."

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Aclay3652d ago

Dead Space is a very solid Survival Horror game. I finished it just last night with 16 hours and 20 minutes of total gameplay time to complete it. Dead Space is the 2nd longest PS3 game I've played with MGS4 being the longest. I was really surprised that Dead Space turned out to be such a long game because I was expecting at least a 10-12 hour game maximum because most non-RPG games these days struggle to make it past the 12 hour mark.

I would give Dead Space a 9/10 easily. The story in Dead Space is good and I just hope there's a Dead Space 2 because I want to know if the lead character (Issac) in the game died or not during that last cutscene or if he survived...seeing that Dead Space was a success, I'm sure there will be a Dead Space 2 though.

Playing Dead Space in the dark with my Headphones plugged into the TV was an adrenaline rush the entire time.