'We wanted to inject some drama': PlayStation chief explains Sony's strange E3

At this year’s expo, the games giant ditched flashy promotional press conferences for elaborate film sets. PlayStation’s EU boss Simon Rutter believes the approach will pay dividends.

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lxeasy114d ago

You guys injected too much drama this time around lol

thekhurg114d ago

They did fine. Showed some amazing gameplay. Sure it would have been nice to see a few other games - but they have other shows this year, including PSX.

Vandamme21114d ago

I agree...I thought they did fine too..showing some amazing gameplay for there upcoming games.

114d ago
-T9X-69-113d ago

That show wasn't even close to fine. They showed amazing gameplay for everything they had and this show on paper would sound extremely good but the execution and presentation were just terrible. Not to mention the terrible audio issues and streaming errors they had at the start. Everyone there seemed so confused and clueless as to what to do next. Like they were just figuring it out as they went.

On the other hand, it's cool they tried something new. I think it would be better for them trying new stuff during PSX where the entire media isn't pinning them up against their competition. Plus it's their "own" thing, them doing something crazy or out of the ordinary wouldn't be such a big deal.

rainslacker114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

I'd say it was more anti-climatic than dramatic. At least after the first game showing. After that, it was fine, albeit not as traditional.

The 10th Rider113d ago

Yeah, it started out super strong and then that internission completely killed any momentum and then turned the opening into a sour note. I don't see why they didn't save the Days Gone release date trailer and scoop up a few smaller third party announcements to show during the intermission.

Sevir113d ago

The games on Display wowed. So it was fine. The E3 Presser was a weird format for Sony no denying, but the games all were worth it

Vizigoth04113d ago

I think it's subject to how people perceive the event when. Some like it, some don't. What works for a live audience may not work for a streaming audience. Some enjoy the live musical performances, others would rather just enjoy the music in game. At the end of the day what matters is you have videogames coming if you want or even like videogames and they are coming with release dates.

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OB1Biker114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

The correct quote is
For the last three years, we’ve been trying to inject a bit of drama and theatrics into the proceedings, to make it more than a simple presentation'

Interesting interview btw

AspiringProGenji114d ago

The theatrics was very cool in at E3 2016. I want more of that and less of This year's E3

rainslacker114d ago

I'd say the two years prior they did great. Maybe not so much drama, but certainly interesting approaches to how to present E3. This time, I guess it could be dramatic, but the themed set wasn't all that interesting for those watching. The intermission was boring and lame, and completely counter-intuitive to what people expect, and a complete reversal from the interesting way they've done it the two years prior.

-Foxtrot114d ago

Why not just be forward and say...

"We did it mostly because we've announced a few titles already, some with no release dates yet and thought in the companies best interest we hold off announcing more until we get closer to the release of the ones we have"

It's a smart move, why announce more when you have a few already they can focus on, it's better then getting called online that they are announcing too many titles and have few with release dates. I get why they did it...they thought having only 4 big hitters to talk about and a few other things didn't come off as a lot so they tried to stretch things out, playing around with the set up since they had a chance this year to mess around and experiment.

However at the end of the day, even if it was shorter I would have preferred a presentation which went straight to the point. They could have gotten people up to show off the Resident Evil 2 Remake gameplay live on stage that they released online after and did the same with Control. Least then we wouldn't have had that awful intermission, that's the only big thing I hated from it...mostly because I didn't understand why they didn't just show trailer after trailer of third party titles we saw at Microsoft's conference, it's coming to their platform aswell so just show them again during the gap.

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showtimefolks114d ago

One thing with Sony for better or worst they don't try to have the same conference every year. Personally speaking that God of war E3 was the best and more E3 presentations need to be that way

SkippyPaccino114d ago

I'm sure Sony will do a regular E3 next year and people will be like "I wish they talked less and showed more games..."

You can't win them all. I agree that the double venue this year was a waste of time (that format would've worked better if they had an audience during that desk segment), but I still appreciate that they're giving it a try compared to others...

Switch4One114d ago

They talked a lot though. And had random music segments. It was weird and out of place.

rainslacker114d ago

If they had just done the whole conference in the tent, then it probably would have been OK. Was kind of neat to start off with, but the themed area wasn't really that relevant to anyone not there.

Sony just had a pacing problem, and that problem was the host segment. Hopefully they abandon that for next year.

The conference after the intermission was fine.

SkippyPaccino114d ago

I'm pretty sure they will abandon it next year since the one who organized it is leaving sony ( Ryan Clement)...

If they stuck to one venue it would've struck a stronger cord with those desk announcements... They gave everyone black oops 3 for free and announced god of war new game plus and that went unnoticed... Announce those two things in front of a crowd and it would've gotten a loud reception

King_Noctis114d ago

Compared to others? They might had a better show than Nintendo, but their show was much worse than MS.

goldwyncq114d ago

Felt like they injected boredom instead. Worst Sony conference in years.

ConsoleGamer114d ago

Worst sony conference in years but still the best of the three console makers.

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