Battle for Azeroth gives the MMO a darker tone and a refresh, but can it topple Legion?

From VG247: "World of Warcraft: Legion was the culmination of a years-long crescendo of rising stakes and comic-book theatrics, ending with the apparent defeat of the biggest-bad in all of Warcraft."

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Darkborn89d ago

People still play Wow? They just need to make a new MMO at some point.

Ragthorn89d ago

People have, and evidently failed to topple the behemoth that is WoW. The closest that come to mind are FFXIV, Guild Wars 2, and Black Desert Online. But they still cannot match the impact and popularity of WoW. It's really hard to topple something as influential as that game really, but do not think that people have not made any new MMOs! It's a very hard genre to develop in and requires a lot of commitment. The most recent one that comes to mind, "Bless Online" was the most promising one to refresh the genre. Unfortunately, it failed massively, just like it did when it launched in Korea, Japan, and Russia I believe. They kept remaking the game because it takes that long to make these kind of games. Hopefully we will get something that matches WoW again at some point, but I think Blizzard are really the only ones right now that can do it. I gave up after Everquest Next got cancelled :(

Thunder_G0d_Bane88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Lool don’t be so ignorant. Wow has more active players than most multiplayer games on the market right now.

I’m looking forward to battle for azeroth. But I’m also gettin Spider-Man, battlefield 5, red dead 2 and fallout 76. Plus smash bros. Crazy year.

Yes us WoW players, play other games too :)

Oh an I’m gettin monster hunter world in a couple weeks.