GameCritics: Spore Review

Reviewed by Tera Kirk:

"When I first heard whisperings about Maxis's plans for Spore, I was skeptical. Gameplay that focuses on evolving odd creatures? I could buy that: I've played Cubivore, after all. But promises that one's actions would affect everything in the game's virtual universe sounded like Peter Molyneux's outlandish press releases for Fable. And yet, if anyone could make good on such ambition, creator Will Wright was the man to pull it off. So I hoped. Cautiously.

My faith was handsomely rewarded."

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HIGH You can make any creature you want, do anything you want, and affect the environment in any way you want.

LOW The first four stages combined are much shorter and simpler than the last one, which is a little strange.

WTF Planet Buster, baby.

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