Killer Instinct suggests fans tune in to Microsoft Studios live stream tomorrow

From Destructoid: "When Double Helix games (and later Iron Galaxy) announced a Killer Instinct reboot set for 2013, many fight fans scoffed, this guy included. My foolish arrogance got Ultra Combo'd once the game launched and was not only an amazing title, but became one of my favourite fighting games of all time."

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Dr4g0178d ago

I would like to see killer instinct come to switch, since ms and nintendo been really well lately and having cross play with it would only make this even better

lxeasy178d ago

Killer Instinct is an IP owned by Microsoft. I don't that will ever happen. The only exception to that rule is Minecraft and that's because it was Multiplat before Microsoft bought it and Microsoft intends to keep it huge.

TheUndertaker85177d ago

While that is true it’s also avoiding the fact that Minecraft wasn’t on Nintendo platforms until after Microsoft bought the IP. Notch stated before Microsoft bought the IP that while a Wii U version made sense there wasn’t a plan for it.

So it’d seem that Microsoft pulled the trigger. They didn’t have to by any means.

Not saying Killer Instinct would or could ever appear on a Nintendo platform but that Microsoft has allowed their IPs elsewhere. Like if Microsoft wanted they could’ve canned future support for other platforms outside of their own and made Bedrock exclusive to Microsoft platforms.

BlackRaven85_1177d ago

Microsoft brought Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise to the Nintendo DS, but just had THQ publish the game while Rare developed it. I wouldn't be surprised if the game did come to Switch. Might even get a few characters in the new Smash game they're putting on the Switch.

Sciurus_vulgaris177d ago

The Switch likely wouldn’t be able to run Killer Instinct at comparable settings to the base Xbox One leading to unfair crossplay.

rainslacker177d ago

They'd have to drop the image quality, but otherwise, there isn't anything that couldn't be done on Switch. Its a fighting game, and nothing there that is beyond what any other fighting game could have done on last gen hardware.

Sciurus_vulgaris177d ago

@rainslacker to get Killer Instinct to run smoothly on the Switch much more than image quality would have to be dropped, textures, shaders AA, lighting, particle and framerate would all likely need to be scaled down. Wolfenstein 2 and Doom (2016) for example are significantly visually scaled back on the Switch and both games run at very low resolutions and fail to maintain a stable 30 fps. Crash N' Sane trilogy also lost fur shading, water effects, textures, shaders, lighting, resolution and framerate stability when compared to the 1080p 30fps PS4 & Xbox One version

Obscure_Observer177d ago


Unfortunelly, i don´t think the Switch has the specs to run this game as it should.

GrimReaperGamer177d ago

I'm honestly hoping for the same thing. Killer Instinct needs to come back to Nintendo. I already sold my Xbox One, but miss playing Killer Instinct. I ain't purchasing the console again just to play 1 game.

lxeasy177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Looks like you ain't playing it ever again then. Xbox owns Killer Instinct

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lxeasy178d ago

Maybe they'll announce a new open invitational tournament?

Obscure_Observer177d ago

Almost 5 years and Microsoft still supports this game. Simply amazing! Great job Xbox Team! :)

mcstorm178d ago

Interesting. For me I love how they have updated this game from day one and think this is how fighting games should be produced from now on rather than a new one every 12 to 24 months.

I wonder if it will be ki2 update add on or if it will be a new game.

lxeasy177d ago

I think that a new KI would game will probably be a launch title for the next Xbox.

agnosticgamer177d ago

Maybe announce another season is in the works, but nothing to currently show? Or that at the very least something KI related is being worked on and the KI franchise is still alive and kicking.

Vasto177d ago

We need one more season for this gen and an announcement for a sequel for next gen.

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