1UP: Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant Review

1UP writes: "Ever since Naughty Dog washed its hands of Crash Bandicoot, the marsupial has had a rough time proving his relevance. Just last year, Crash of the Titans represented yet another reenvisioning of the Crash Bandicoot series by having Crash "jack" mutants and control them for most of the game. Its sequel, Crash: Mind Over Mutant, sticks with the same formula and ups the hilarity of the writing, but it drags itself into a morass of tedious backtracking that'll tick you off and leave you drained.

In this episode, feuding villains Cortex and N.Brio make up and begin mass-manufacturing headgear that turns its wearer into a mind-controlled mutant beast (while at the same time managing to provide premium wireless broadband and cable access). Once again it's up to Crash to put an end to their plot, but this time the events unfold in an open-world environment filled with secrets and optional challenges. From the outset, the game does a great job of bringing you up to speed on Crash's abilities and steering you in the right direction."

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Sevir043649d ago

I'm glad naughty dog saw that crash was done for on the PS2 and sold the rights away.. and the same for Spyro with Insomniac... sierra sucks and really shouldn't be meddling in this classic former PS icon games.

Flop indeed.