Shenmue 3's Funding Has Reached $7 Million, Battle System Expanded

Shenmue 3’s funding on both Kickstarter and then later through the game’s official website with the Slacker Backer Campaign has finally reached the $7 Million goal, which means that another stretch goal has also been met.

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melons177d ago

I am so used to them now that I half-read battle system as battle royale.

kevnb177d ago

battle royale without guns would be interesting, like maybe chivalry could add a mode.

Razmiran177d ago

Isnt that the culling 1?

kevnb177d ago

Maybe, never heard of it.

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BioNeo177d ago

So sad that such a great game has to beg for money, while Publishers pushing money into developing ass games like mass effect andromeda, Battlefront 2, Recore, for honor.

Spurg177d ago

That game is so niche and probably at the same level as Shenmue. And also For honor is quite a unique game as well

isarai177d ago

Just went from eager and excited to hype as f%$k!

Tankbusta40177d ago

How the heck can those hacks at star citizen raise 160 million and the third entry of a beloved series only has 7 million... Stunning!!

Weeblordbad177d ago

The 7 million is just a show of interest, if you actually think Shenmue 3 is being developed with 7 million you're being delusional. Also, Star Citizen is so beyond the scope of the original pitch comparing a game like Star Citizen to Shenmue 3 isn't really reasonable.

Tankbusta40177d ago

I know the game isn't only being made for 7 million and Sony is throwing in money for it. It's just astounding that so many people got behind the pipe dream that is star citizen and there was so much less interest in backing for shenmue 3

Moe-Gunz177d ago

Because one is selling a game and the other is selling a fantasy? --__(-_-)__--

Weeblordbad177d ago

There was less interest in Shenmue 3 because Shenmue isn't even close to the same mass appeal as Wing Commander. It's pretty obvious why Star Citizen garnered so much attention, whereas Shenmue only attracted what it did.

Making games is hard man, making a space sim is even harder, making an online connected universe with all the systems they've decided to cram into it? That's mega hard. To call them hacks is such a ridiculous statement especially when you have no idea what the final quality of either product will be.

For all we know Star Citizen will evolve into an even greater Trainwreck. Or not. Shenmue 3 also has every chance in the world to be as busted and boring as Shenmue 1.

You're not wrong, Star Citizen is on the rocks and I have little faith in the final product (I never gave then any money) but just the notion that Shenmue is on some "beloved" tier above Wing Commander? C'mon man your console roots are showing.