I bought a Wii U in 2018 and why maybe you should too

"In my the latest video on the Nintendo Enthusiast YouTube channel, I chat about why I decided to pick up a Wii U recently." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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PhoenixUp992d ago

I did just to replace my Wii

playnice992d ago

Good point! Isn't it also compatible with gamecube games?

Kosic992d ago (Edited 992d ago )

Think you can mod it to run GC games. I sold my Wii U ages ago, but remember something about enabling gc games via a hack.

playnice992d ago

Why didn't Nintendo build tge feature in from the get go... The hardware is obviously capable... Totally worth the mod though.

Kokyu992d ago

No thanks if I was going to play Wii U games Id just use the emulator.

ptownjbo992d ago

I prefer to support creators. :)
Trying to say that in the least ‘high horsey’ way.

992d ago
uth11992d ago

cost more than they did before!

TheEnigma313992d ago

Might as well get the switch since it has the ports.

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The story is too old to be commented.