Dynasty Warriors Spin-off Games We Would Like To See

From One Piece to Fire Emblem, Dynasty Warriors has gotten quite a few spin-offs the past few years. But what franchises do we think deserve the same treatment?

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Majin-vegeta1771d ago

Power Rangers/Super Sentai
God Of War
Street Fighter

isarai1770d ago

I've pined over the idea of a power rangers musou style game for years, and i want all the corny stuff that comes with it like the trampoline flips, over exaggerated writhing when hit, being able to see the wrinkles in the spandex, and having every boss fall slowly while you look away only to explode massively for like 5secs when it hits the ground

isarai1770d ago

There was already a LOTR one called The Lord of the Rings: Conquest, and it was actually really fun. would love a remaster or sequel to it