Limited Run Games to Expand With PS3 Titles

Limited Run Games to Expand With PS3 Titles - Gaming publisher, Limited Run Games, has announced that they will be releasing physical copies of select PlayStation 3 titles.

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-Foxtrot88d ago

Oh shit really...wonder what games they'll be selecting

Will they be Indie like titles only or could we see already released AAA franchises which never got a collectors edition like Drakes Fortune, inFAMOUS, Heavenly Sword etc

They really should do Sega Megadrive titles. Seeing Streets of Rage, Sonic, Ristar and the like get limited editions would be awesome.

TGGJustin88d ago

It's going to be games that were digital only because that's what they do. Pretty much indie games like they are known for.

-Foxtrot88d ago

Ah that's a shame there's so many releases of hit games that never got collectors editions.

darthv7287d ago

I'd hope for House of the Dead 4. Not quite an indie title but a digital release only none the less.

PhoenixUp88d ago

Nice to see a publisher still willing to support PS3

darthv7287d ago

they are technically not a publisher. They are more of a reproduction house. Taking what was available through other means and reproducing it with their own packaging.

rainslacker87d ago

Thats how many games are published. They are technically a publisher, and their logo shows up when you boot their games.

They don't pay for production like some publishers, but there are many instances of this same.distributuon method. For instance, I believe Sony publishes COD in japan.

isarai87d ago

If there were ever a digital only game that needed a physical copy its Black Knight Sword. I'd buy the hell out of that

Tetsujin87d ago

Marvel vs Capcom 1/2
Scott Pilgrim vs The World

And my mind goes blank...

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