Octopath Traveler's New Shipment Sells Out Within Hours In Japan, Used Copy Prices Skyrocket

Octopath Traveler has been available for more than a week now but Square Enix is having trouble meeting the demand in Japan leading to stock shortage.

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Moonman87d ago

Wow, it really is a successful new IP. It might get to over 500,000 sales in Japan alone.

indysurfn86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Yeah it is a great game. Just think how it would do if it had Zelda level graphics! This proves that Square still does NOT know it's customers. People have been begging for a game like this (except with better graphics) since around the year 2000. Not just action rpg's, So how are they suprised......and a week later still even more so!!!

Yes it is logical to hope people will migrate to ARPG's because they take about a fourth to a third of the time to make (fxv does not count because it started out as turn based and then switched over after progress was very slow). Maybe this will be a building point? You have a system to model after next build in some graphics. This game is very good. I know the new president installed in 2014 said it would take awhile. Well here we are seeing the first fruits.

Razmiran86d ago

Dude, the art style is one of the selling points

CorndogBurglar86d ago

@ indysurfn

I don't get how there's a small group of people that just don't seem to understand that the art style is one of the draws of this game.

It isn't about better graphics. They made it this way on purpose. It's a very artistic take and it's something different than the run of the mill RPG's out there today.

Zeldafan6487d ago

It'll sell over a million in Japan over the course of the Switch's lifespan. It'll be over 500,000 by the end of the year.

rainslacker86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

This isn't the first time they've come up way short in physical printings.

Granted I think this is more on square than anyone

Sirk7x86d ago

It's the second printing that sold out as well. There is huge demand for the game.

rainslacker85d ago

I'm not denying the demand. Just that it seems that an inordinate number of games that go to Nintendo systems seem to have lower expectations by the publishers.

awdevoftw87d ago

People dont have to wait if you buy it digitally. Oh, wait. Digital sucks. Carry on.

Eonjay87d ago

Perhaps but with the advent of digital, that should've helped to keep the used prices in check. I believe that some companies (Sony included) ship less copies now just to push people to their online stores.

FinalFantasyFanatic86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Online prices are kinda sucky though, unless there's a sale on, but in most cases physical has been cheaper for me even with shipping included. Some niche games are impossible to find on disc, I dread the oncoming digital only future.

rainslacker86d ago

Nintendo has been accuse of that on a couple occasions already

Sgt_Slaughter87d ago

Yeah it does in a lot of aspects. Using one game to fit your narrative doesn't suddenly change reality.

awdevoftw86d ago

My narrative is digital sucks. You can see the high demand for physical copies. My joke kinda failed I guess.

strayanalog87d ago

This may very well be the surprise hit of the year for Switch, or at least the first half. I checked a few stores out just to see how Octopath was doing while out and about yesterday and my local Walmart had one copy left, and both Target and Best Buy were sold out. Pretty cool to see a new IP do so well. So, who's all enjoying Octopath Traveler?

Tharja86d ago

This is just keeping me busy till Dragoon Quest 11 comes out on September 4

Gemmol86d ago

After square enix company came out and said switch will have exclusive content to make up for the wait, i drop the ps4 version of my list, and instead turning my head to shining resonance and ys 8 for my RPG fix

Razmiran86d ago

The people who downvoted you are not enjoying octopath traveler
And they are angry that people are enjoying it

King_Noctis86d ago

I love this game. While the story is passable, the art style and the music are the biggest selling points for me.

The 10th Rider86d ago

The big thing about the story for me is that you jump around. Like, it's not as if I go play Therion's story beginning to end. Instead you go and do a single part of one story, then a single part of another person's story, then a single part of another person's story, etc . . . Sure, you could do one person's story all the way until the end, but you'd have to spend a ton of time grinding anyways. It's like reading eight different books that don't really connect and you can't read two chapters from the same book in a row.

A cool idea for a sequel would be if the character paths actually entwined. So, for instance, you got to a certain part in one character's story and they need the assistance of a second character. From there you could have the choice of one of three characters and depending on which character you choose the original character's story would have some differences.

LgbtWarrior86d ago

I picked alfyn the apothecary to start. Love his story.

The 10th Rider86d ago

Can't say I have a favorite yet. I like H'aanit, but the way she talks gets old after a while. Therion's attitude keeps things interesting. Primrose's story took a turn for the dark real fast . . . like, I'm surprised the game didn't get an M rating just for the subject matter in her story. I'm just about to start the second chapter of Alfyn's story. Those four character's round out my first team and once I finish their stories I'm playing through the other four characters in their own party. Seems to be loads of content too. I'm 15 hours in, I've barely touched any side content, and I'm not even halfway done with the stories of the first four characters. (Didn't even do the chapter 1's of the other four characters yet).

Gemmol86d ago

Lol i agree primrose story got dark real quick, but just like i told the guy above find a nice grinding spot and switch out one character after it reach the level you want this way everyone stay at same level and not end up like my cousin squad where his 4 main players at level 40 and the other 4 all at level 9..........mines is olberic at 51, Cyrus 50, Tessa 46 and ophilia at 43......everyone else at level 30

Gemmol86d ago

I like olberic and primrose story the best, but i also like the others too. Do not be like my cousin and only focus on 4 characters try to find a nice spot to grind and switch out your characters here and there, one character at a time this why you still have 3 strong characters to protect the weak one until he reach a level you want for example a week ago olberic the character i started with was level 40, and everyone else was level 30 then i finish everyone first chapter and second chapter

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