ROM distributors crumble under Nintendo legal pressure

Nintendo are taking 2 ROM distributors to court over mass copyright infringements. The legal pressure has already caused one to omit all Nintendo games from their page and the other to shut down indefinitely

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isarai87d ago

Oh thank God, I thought it might have been emuparadise or theoldcomputer

lociefer86d ago

Shhhhhhhh, nintendo is everywhere !

BigTrain86d ago

For real, dont spill the beans. Lol

Brave_Losers_Unite86d ago

I never even heard of those sites. Emuparadise is my savior

blackblades86d ago

Ikr, nintendo is cracking down on everything.

Zabatsu286d ago

Thanks. Time to scavenge their entire website.

Platformgamer86d ago

don't be pressed by that moron embodyment called nintendo

septemberindecember86d ago

Unlike emulator sites, ROM sites don’t really have a large legal leg to stand on.

86d ago
T1125P86d ago

Thats nice, ever hear of torrent sites to get your ROMs? Use them. Not these BS websites.

specialguest86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Here's the problem with torrent sites. They usually don't have a specific rom I'm looking for and not all rom versions when I'm dealing with MAME are compatible. I would hate to download a 3000 rom pack file only to have a ton of crap of games I don't care about and the specific game I wanted was not there. There's also the risk of getting a virus too. The virus scanner won't catch them all

Sirk7x86d ago

Torrents are sketchy as hell these days unless you're using a VPN. Very easy to get an ISP flag for copyright infringement.

The 10th Rider86d ago

Yup. I've never done much when it comes to pirating things, but torrents used to be a lifesaver when I had a scratched PC disk and could no longer install my games. Used them to burn new copies of 2 or 3 old scratched up PC games like ten years ago. However I recently had a movie that I wanted to watch, but it was scratched up, so I went to torrent it and burn a new copy and I got a notice from my ISP of copyright infringement the next day. IIRC they took my internet down for like an hour or so too.

T1125P86d ago

Been torrenting since 2004, never got an email from my ISP, if I did I work mark it as spam :D
Another alternative is to use newsgroups. They been around since the late 70's and you will never get anything from your ISP. Yes you have to pay somewhere between $10-15$ a month but it's worth it. Unlimited GB's per month, plus your speed will always be at max when you download.

BigTrain86d ago

Any specific newsgroup you'd recommend? I hear this alot but have never been given any definitive info or leads.

T1125P86d ago Really nice newsreader
Newshosting really good and pretty cheap

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Cobra95186d ago

Checks fave sites. Still there.

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