Divinity Original Sin II: The Zelda of Western Role Playing Games?

The Legend of Zelda is often hailed as not only one of the best Japanese games but also as one of the best overall. One game that challenges that claim is Larian studios' Divinity Original Sin II.

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NecrumOddBoy86d ago

Legend of Zelda is not a role playing game.

arquette86d ago

Perhaps, but it considered as the gold standard of Japanese games

Born2Game8385d ago (Edited 85d ago )

No its not. Zelda series is only really popular in the west. In Japan the sales doesn't even come near some the bigger hitters like Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Mario, Dragon Quest, FF etc.

Dragon Quest is probably considered the gold standard in terms of rpg in Japan. Also what rpg feature does Zelda have??? leveling up? doing quests? so does many action adventure games. Zelda is a action adventure game with light rpg mechanics.

PhoenixUp86d ago

That’s a stupid question. You see The Legend of Zelda’s influence in so many games, you can’t call any single title “the Zelda of ___”

Also TLoZ series isn’t an RPG franchise

arquette86d ago

Yeah but it is one of the best Jap games and Nintendo's finest

PhoenixUp85d ago

1.) What does that have to do with the comparison to Divinity?

2.) What does that have to do with mislabeling TLoZ series as an RPG franchise?

3.) Don’t use the word Jap, it’s a derogatory term & an ethnic slur

arquette85d ago

Oh sorry. I didn't know it was offensive. I'm not labeling Zelda as an RPG, but it is not that different from other jrpgs. And it's still considered as one of the best Eastern games.
The reason I'm comparing is cos it got a lot of goty awards while Divinity didn't possibly cos of being an indie game that launched only on PC

isarai86d ago

That's a weird ass comparison...


arquette86d ago

Actually dude the two games are quite similar. The main difference is that one is party based and has choice while the other doesn't

Razzer85d ago

The two games are nothing alike. At all.

Born2Game8385d ago

Zelda is casual as it gets, Divinity OS2 is for the hardcore rpg fan. Not that one can't enjoy the other.

Hungryalpaca84d ago

The only similarity is fantasy. That’s where it stops.

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yemeth4785d ago (Edited 85d ago )

If Original Sin has to be compared with any game series, then it's Ultima (especially Ultima VII). I'd even say that the Divinity series, starting with Divine Divinity is basically a modern Ultima with its self-awareness and environmental interaction

BlaqMagiq185d ago

Umm no. These games couldn't be any more different. How do these articles get approved?

arquette85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Did you even go through it? I'm not even comparing them. The reason Zelda is mentioned is cos it's the gold standard of Eastern games. Imo Divinity os2 is one of the best games the West has to offer

BlaqMagiq185d ago

Because its comparison is apples and oranges. There's no need to compare it to Zelda in ANY way. These games are praised for completely different reasons. You didn't have to say "it's the Zelda of western RPGs", especially when Zelda isn't even an RPG. All you had to say was "Divinity Original Sin 2 could be the new standard for western RPGs."

arquette85d ago

The only reason I mentioned Zelda is cos everyone knows about it and the franchise always tends to get insanely high ratings. It's just a comparison of how enjoyable the game really is. Zelda seemed like an ideal match since it's a nintendo exclusive while DOSII was a timed PC exclusive.

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