Deal of the Night: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway at $40

PS3Fanboy: "Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway is a relatively new title. It was just released almost exactly one month ago. It's a first-person shooter, which means it's a dime a dozen; there are already a lot of them to go around. To help make it stand out of the crowd and appear more visible, Amazon has the title discounted by 33 percent with a $20 savings. If you're looking for a new World War II shooter and are on a budget, $40 for Hell's Highway doesn't sound too bad."

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Silogon3747d ago

Notice the 2½ stars proudly on display.

FCOLitsjustagame3747d ago

Single player in this game is great fun if you love tatical shooters. I would easily recommend it at $40 except to the impatient run and gun crowed.