Half-Life 2 writer surprised by former colleague’s choice to publish ‘fanfic’ vision for Half-Life 3

Bossa Studios' Chet Faliszek on ex-colleague Marc Laidlaw's decision to share a plot outline for Half-Life 3 - and why he won't speak out on history's most-anticipated sequel.

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sprinterboy91d ago

Did you read the article, hl3 is not happening dude

XiNatsuDragnel91d ago

Come on dude, hope and dreams via fan made hl3.

Fist4achin91d ago

Valve sucks. I think they prefer to leave everything hanging as they did.

lociefer91d ago

I hope we also get a legacy of kain fan fiction like this. But honestly he should not be blamed by anyone, we wanted closure and we semi got it.

You don't wait all those years and screw your fans out of their favorite game just cause you're making good money out of microtransactions