The 4 Best Octopath Traveler Party Members

Due to their different talents, path actions and natural stats, some characters are better at things than others.

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NecrumOddBoy149d ago

I've decided to play in 3 parts. I have two characters I'm keeping as muscle and I'll play all 4 stories, then swap 2 characters and play theirs, then the final 2.

I could slso just swap out all 4 and swap job skills around, but I'll see down the road. This is the most fun I've had in a game all year. (Move over Kratos lol. I platinum'd both God of War and Detroit Become Human btw).

Lighter9148d ago

Yeah, I keep one or two for muscle, so they can help the weaker ones. And, in the meantime, gaining skill points to unlock support skills like Patience and Eye for an Eye.

NecrumOddBoy148d ago

It's good this way so I can tackle through the chapters at a healthy pace. If you strictly stick to the four characters and then swap to four more characters when you finish the first 4 characters stories, then you're basically starting all over. This way I can extend my gameplay and help gain a lot of XP by having strong characters that can defeat hard enemies fast.

I can then get Ophilia from 20 to 50 in no time for example, but in the mean time, I have given the Cleric job to a current member of my party so I have those healing perks. It's so nice how versatile the game is. Super deep but never convoluted ot confusing.

Plus the skills, perks, jobs, abilities, etc etc you get in game are great. You are always getting something, learning something, experiencing something. Such a phenomenal title.