After Finally Finishing God of War, I'm Trapped Between Admiration and Frustration

Kat has finally wrapped up God of War's latest chapter, and she has some thoughts.

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Why o why92d ago

Good read.

did an update change the colour of some of the stock enemies. . When I went back to play the game the colour of the enemies was different. .

OB1Biker92d ago

It took her 3 months to 'finish up' (meaning reach the ending apparently) GOW mainly because she didn't like the puzzles.
I'm sorry but that was a bit of a silly article. The puzzles are very well done. She's trying hard there.

kneon92d ago

And none of them were particularly difficult, so that is really no excuse

NecrumOddBoy92d ago

Kat Bailey = She? Trap? 🤔

ShinRon92d ago

compared to the first two games the puzzles arent very well done... pandoras box speaks for itself.

Vizigoth0492d ago

The puzzles and traps are what they are. Their purpose is to keep you out of something or an area. And in watching some people play it would take them 10 minutes to figure out the first puzzle. Freezing the gear. It's a simple practice of critical thinking that is welcomed every now and then otherwise everything is just handed to you.

Bahamut91d ago

The ONLY complaint I have about GOW is I want more.

thekhurg91d ago

Can't read the article because I use adblock. Oh well - probably trash content anyway.

Jinger91d ago

The puzzles are well done? Oookay. I mean it's not suppose to be a puzzle game so it's fine, but they were so simple and repetitive.

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Muigi92d ago

Still haven’t beaten it lol.

dRanzer92d ago

In my final stages with "give me god of war" (second playthrough)
amazing game!!

Spike20XX92d ago

any tips? I'm halfway through and difficult wise i can manage Gimme god of war, but my motivation to finish the game has been going down

thatguyhayat92d ago


You wil want to know the ending it will literally drop your jaw. The secret ending will leave you hyped too. To Watch the secret ending, go home and sleep after completion

rivaldoo77792d ago

To me people were saying the ending is as satisfying as U4s ending but when I finished it it wasn't that impactful. However as you proceed to the second playthrough I was amazed by the deep combat. Best combat since bloodborne in the exclusive library for sure.

Hazeys_Nightmare92d ago

His wifes name is Faye, Kratos says it a bunch of times throughout the game.

Larrysweet92d ago

Me to enjoyed game was great but dont wanna replay due to lot aggrevation

AspiringProGenji92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

I love it and decides to 100% the game in my second play (Gimme me GoW). I just need a couple muspelheim trials and Nilfheim, but it is damn hard to get throught at this dificulty. I took a break from all that grind but Now it is time to finish what I started

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81BX92d ago

Honestly it was a great game. Somewhat repetitive with the same enemies, just different variations of them. Not to the point where it ruined the game though. My biggest complaint with GOW is exactly what he wrote.... I was excited and geared up for this epic ending boss battle, only to be met with more story. Not as disappointing as kane and lynch 2 ending but still disappointing. Solid game overall.

91d ago
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