Sony: SOCOM PS3 server rocky; working on new patch

Sony Corp.'s U.S. game division on Mon. said that the first few days of the server environment for the new release SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs: Confrontation were rocky and that the company will release a new patch to resolve other game errors.

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TheMART3648d ago

It simply sucks. Beyond repair probably.

So Socom crashed, Motorstorm 2 got a 6 out of 10 from the Official Playstation Magazine...

Seems only LBP is doing great for the PS3 this winter.

juuken3648d ago

Kindly shut the hell up.

Do you have a PS3? No
Are you playing this game? No
Are you a hypocritical dipsh*t who likes to cry wolf when PS3 fans are on 360 articles and yet you are on PS3 articles? Yes

Get the f*ck out of here and take your troll accounts with you.

mario8883648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Nothing on the 360 can match the multiplayer player online aspects of this game. The maps are not small and flat and you get a choice of 4x4 , 8x8 or 16x16.

Jack Meahoffer3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

"Nothing on the 360 can match the multiplayer player online aspects of this game"

Yeah on 360 multiplayer games actually work on launch day unlike PS3 where TF2, R6V, GTA IV, COD4, MGS4 and now SOCOM Confrontation are released horribly broken. Beta? Whats the point?

You Sony worshipers can cry about $4 a month and "laggy" P2P servers all you want. Atleast the games ACTUALLY WORK without waiting for weeks for a patch.

Then when you do finally connect 7 out of 10 people don't have a mic.

My PS3 only gets used for exclusives and Blurays. Only thing the PS3 is good for. Give it up Sony fumbled this generation. Its online service is a joke and Home is MIA.

Nintendo Rep3647d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Juuken spun that faster than helicopter rotors. The bïtch couldn't even get a good spin on you. The only reason is because it's all truth. Oh and at mario, who by the way shouldn't earn the right to put mario in his name, doesn't mean much when the game is a...

Stryfeno23647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

You should take some notes from your comment also...

Do you have a 360? No
Are you playing any games on the 360? No
Are you a hypocritical dipsh*t who likes to cry wolf when 360 fans are on PS3 articles and yet you are on 360 articles? Yes

Get the f*ck out of here troll.

FailStation33647d ago

Ouch. No wonder his/her bubbles are diminishing... ;)

Rageanitus3647d ago

I dont think you can really comment, because it seems you dont own a a ps3.. And your comment about beyond repair is very one sided , software can be fixed through patches and coding... Unlike hardware problems on the 360 it has to go through either minor or major re engineering.

pwnsause3647d ago

lol the bots are here to troll here too. did you forget the first day of Halo 3??? lol bots....

Nintendo Rep3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I don't think SOCOM had over million players trying to connect online. I'm sure Halo 3 did though.

morganfell3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Well I have a 360 you piece of crap pinhead. I have had 4 and I have discovered the only thing that can't be patched is a console that is poorly matter how much they slash the price or try to add on things that should have been there in the first place.

Where is your PS3 jackoff? After all this is a PS3 article yet it is flooded with sad little trolls that wouldn't know a real console if it popped out of the toilet and bit them on the ass. They know what a turd is - they support one - they just don't know a real console.

There isn't a SOCOM class action lawsuit right now. But there is one against Microsoft for their piece of crap console.

This game will get attended to properly, it will grow, improve, get DLC, expand and nothing you sad little troglodytes can say will matter one iota. Just stand there on the other side of the fence and yell but nothing will remove the fact that you see games like SOCOM, LBP, R2, Killzone2, MGS4 and just kick the ground. Not in public. You don't have the balls to be honest.

With only one game coming this fall, and it's a makeover with a sad coat of paint and a few slight of hand tricks that hardly suffice in the place of real innovation, there is no wonder you 360 bowel movements are spending all of your time attacking a PS3 product. What the hell, the entire Microsoft house is built of crap and attacking the other guy. You can hardly expect Microshaft to build their console experience on what they are. After all, less than zero is less than nothing.

What's a real game from M$? Here are a few:

Last Race to the Sun - This exciting new title is played by console owners just turning their 360s on and waiting a matter of minutes as they race to see whose console will be the last one to burst into flames. (*note* There won't be a PS3 version as Sony owners would always be the last console standing and win by default)

Patience - A new game as 360 owners take bets on who will be the last 360 owner to turn on M$ as they slowly begin to realize what a piece of crap they have been tricked into buying by M$.

Caught in Time - A new and exciting game for 360 owners as they are fed a recycled title called Gears of War that is barely changed aside from a number 2 slapped on the box. Slowly owners must reconcile their fate as they discover they are caught in time and realize Gears 2 is the same plastic crap from the first game. Groundhog Day meets Unreal Tournament in this exciting game from the same people that invented the Recycle Bin.

Fable 3 - A new game from France (warning lights right there) where 360 owners are caught in a fantasy world in which their console actually works. Watch as 360 owners discover what a shallow, short term life the 360 offers. Experience the thrill as the wicked horde tries to throttle and destroy the few 360 owners who realize the truth as they attempt to locate the secret portal that will allow them to cross over to the PS3 and be free from the meaningless life and prostituted experience they had in the land of the 360.

Pain3647d ago

Wow!! That Jealous of Socom eh?

poor kids...

/goes back to socom..

gambare3647d ago

It's nice to see how popular the PS3 is, the 360 trolls don't have any interesting news on their section and they come to the PS3 section because they got nothing new....

FailStation33647d ago

Wow!! You actually want to play SOCOM over Gears of War or Halo 3, eh?

juuken3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

With a name like that, you shouldn't EVEN call me a troll.
F*ck you and your stupid troll accounts and your stupidity. You created an account because you felt Sony let you down? Go on Patchstation, try and deny that you own a PS3. Sony hasn't let down ANYONE. Part of the reason why they f*cked up last year is because tards like you expected things RIGHT AWAY. It was Sony's arrogance and constant whining of delays from impatient ass people that left them in 3rd place.

Now they're trying to do something about that, you have to sh*t on them again.

Seriously, get a life.

Do you have a 360? (My brother has one and I have played on it. I was also not too happy with the controllers disconnecting)

Are you playing any games on the 360? (I played DMC4, Virtua Fighter 5, and played a little of Halo 3. Again, No. Nice way of assuming things though. You fail.)

Are you a hypocritical dipsh*t who likes to cry wolf when 360 fans are on PS3 articles and yet you are on 360 articles? (No I don't. I only tell it like it is with 360 fanbrats who think Microsoft should rule the world with an iron fist.)

You fail at life once again Patchstation.

Well, well, well, yet another new account bashing the PS3! It's very clear to see 360 fanbrats are jealous of the Playstation 3, now that it's gaining momentum and popularity!

dukadork3647d ago

scared sh!tless and trying to SPAM us with toxic rumours from their busy ASS

no it ain't gonna make a difference guys: wipeoutHD, LBP, R2, SOCOM are all coming out and will poop on your sh!tty lineup no matter how much you whine


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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3648d ago

Excellent.Feedback from gamers has been spectacular on this.Everything is A-ok

morganfell3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

This is because Sony listens to gamers. I love how these turds are attacking a company for saying we are going to work hard on this product. How many times has HALO been patched?

And how is that savior of the 360 Too Human working out? When was the last time media whore Denis Dyack posted about how they were going to fix that piece of crap? No, when MS decides Ensemble can't be kept alive on the table then you can forget about ever seeing Too Human parts 2 or 3.

cajuncandb3647d ago

Halo 3 has been patched a lot to offer better online (which was fine from Day 1 - unlike this and all other Socom games), and Halo 3 unlike Socom draws hundreds of thousands of players each day/night versus 20,000 - 30,000 on Socom. As a former Socom vet i had to draw the line. Sony NEVER listened on previous versions of Socom. they had board moderators on Socom 3 and Combined Assault. But that merely played like an Alpha then Beta build of the game. It does not surprise me that the game is horrible at launch. If Zipper really wanted the most out of that game they should have gone multiplatform instead of selling out to Sony. Oh well Rogue Warrior is coming which is truly overseen by a REAL Navy Seal and should show you how online is supposed to work. As much as i would love to go back to the days of playing Frostfire, Crossroads, etc. - I have to leave Sony and Socom in the past. RIP !!!

morganfell3647d ago

A real Navy SEAL? Yes but ha ha, Marcinko is one of the biggest liars in the history of the military. You probably believe his books. A respected SEAL? No. Yes he was a SEAL but there was no honor in his retirement, he was thrown into jail for theft of unit funds and quite a few other abuses. Bob Gormley had to clean up his crap when he took over after Marcinko made a mess as an incompetent CO.

Unlike Marcinko, Gormley was respected by his fellow SEALs. Marcinko is a joke in the NAVSPECWAR and SOF community and everyone in the community knows it.

Also I played the beta of Rogue Warrior last year as part of a proofing test with Bethesda. One of the privileges of the trade. It could be good - it had a lot of issues and that is why it has been delayed and delayed but don't expect realism or accuracy at all. And it doesn't have that thing that makes SOCOM like crack so keep dreaming.

Zombie hasn't had a good game since the original Spec Ops and even then it only worked right with Voodoo cards running Glide.

SOCOM's Chief advisor was MC Rob Roy - a guy that retired from the SEALs...honorably. The next time you open your flytrap do some research.

morganfell3647d ago

Two more remarks before I thow your corpse onto the Ignore pile. Microsoft eventually ruins everything they ever touch. The PlayStation made SOCOM what it is. But you are too ignorant to get that.

Also, since you don't know I will slap you on your blockhead with this rhetorical question. If SOCOM is so bad why is every room, every game I enter full of people talking about how much damn fun the game is? You are just a sad inconsequential person and all of your attacks won't change the fact that the game is a blast to play and people love it.

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xg-ei8ht3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

but bioshock is @ 94 on metaprick.

and mart u know what's funny about M2. It improves in every area that people didn't like or moaned about, and it still gets lower scores then the original.


BrunoM3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

sorry my comment ended up here some how sorry ...

oo yeah just got the beta key for R2 from gamesspy.

mikeslemonade3647d ago

I'm kinda glad so i have more time to play Resistance 2 and level up special ops!

BrunoM3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )


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