New Secret Mission Discovered In Destiny 2

Earlier this week a new secret mission was discovered in Destiny 2. In order to make this discovery Guardians were taking part in the Taken Public Event on Io, specifically in Lost Oasis.

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joab777181d ago’s about time! And if ya want the September dlc, entitled, “What Destiny 2 should have been...” ya just need the base game, the season pass for the two dlcs released this far, and the new dlc, or $100+. I am sure they will release a new version with everything in it, right?

This mission looks cool, 11 months later, but why just copy the D1 Black Spindle? I dunno, but with all the hate NMS got, at least they had the decency to go back to the cave and get it right, and release everything FREE. And they still are not done. That game is amazing and I can’t wait for Tuesday!

Sam Fisher181d ago

100% agree. This game was like a slap to the gamers face. I deleted this after the dlcs (disk lock content, for how small these were)

D3TH_D33LR181d ago

Let the haters hate. This mission is one of few many reasons I still enjoy playing this game. Took long enough but quests like these are awesome and are part of what makes the game so much more unique than anything out there right now.