Metroid Series Producer Says No Plans To Remake Super Metroid Or Metroid Fusion

Yoshio Sakamoto is an executive producer at Nintendo EPD. He is a key member of the Metroid development team and was recently involved with the remake of Metroid 2.

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indysurfn1189d ago

Maybe this was to put the rumor to rest that the new metroid was a port. But when ever there are : "no plans" it does not mean the plans can't instantly change.

Snookies121190d ago

The absolute two best Metroid games right there. Though the Prime saga was particularly spectacular as well.

remixx1161189d ago

Prime 1 was my absolute favorite

PhoenixUp1190d ago

Can we at least get a new Metroid game that takes place after Fusion?

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The story is too old to be commented.