Online-only 'games as a service' & why I feel bad for young gamers today

"I feel sorry for young gamers today. With the rise of ‘games as a service’ titles and only-online video games, we are setting the youth up for disappointment. Let me explain." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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PiNkFaIrYbOi114d ago

Well realistically speaking even games that are single player have a limited shelf life and may not be around in the years ahead. Even if you kept the hard copy of the game, cd's have issues and even cartridges have some issues with how long they can last. I'm not saying digital is any better because it isn't because even that has a limited amount of time too if it isn't updated occasionally.

AspiringProGenji113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

Lies. Blurays are pretty durable and scratch resistant. Unless you break them youself, it will never stop working

PiNkFaIrYbOi113d ago

It is still pretty new so we don't know what will happen in a couple more decades or so to it, if it will be able to last or not.

Cobra951113d ago

Regardless of original distribution medium, old games end up as files on hard discs, SSDs, thumb drives, and whatever other modern storage comes along. They get replicated all over the internet, meaning they're stored on many, many systems. They won't disappear unless the entire infrastructure does (e.g., nuclear armageddon). CDs, DVDs and Blurays don't need to last forever to preserve the games.

LamerTamer113d ago

Cobra, Those files replicated all over the internet are locked to one computer, account, or console with DRM. They will be useless when the servers close.

xX1NORM1Xx113d ago

We thought that about CDs and DVDs but time taught us disc rot is a thing, hopefully blurays last but unforseen problems could always arise.

Germ_the_Nobody113d ago

You're missing the point. Tech gets outdated and updated. We used to watch movies on VHS and DVD, now Bluray. It's likely to change again.

kevnb113d ago

the hardware that plays them wont last forever.

ChickeyCantor112d ago

> scratch resistant

Eh yeah no.

JackBNimble112d ago

And then your disc drive dies... ya, that's happened to me on more then one console.

My favorite game is also online only, I'm not knocking SP games but consider playing a game like Ark SP only. That would get kind of boring pretty quick.

There is nothing wrong with online games or online only. If that's not your thing at least you still have SP games.... right?

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Godmars290113d ago

"It is still pretty new so we don't know what will happen in a couple more decades"

That's versus how many years, if not months or even days, a publisher decides to allow access to a game. Something you bought in full or partially with money, with upwards to hundreds of hours of personal time into.

WeebLord112d ago

I can't play BF2 anymore, GameSpy went and died. I can't play 1942, MOHAA, Vietnam, or 2142. Yet all those hundreds of hours are still there, it's not like the time I spent is just a void now.

thatguyhayat113d ago

Im not sure you know what youre talking about

AnubisG113d ago

I still play my PS1 discs from the 90's what are you talking about? Also, there are roms and ISO files. These games could be played a 100 years from now. Question is, will anyone want to? Probably not. But we will be able to play them in our lifetimes, that is for sure.

SenorFartCushion113d ago

No. Art doesn't have a shelf life

113d ago
bellome112d ago

My NES cartridges say otherwise.

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Godmars290113d ago

Of topic, but "let me explain" comes off as a condescending phrase. Especially when attached to a subject that should otherwise be obvious and require no explanation. Like "water is wet" or "barrel rolls in space".

Cobra951113d ago

Actually, I originally thought he was going to discuss the evils of GaaS, not game preservation. Water is . . . made up of two volatile elements. Water is . . . less dense when it freezes. :-)

-Foxtrot113d ago

The saddest part about younger gamers is they are growing up thinking this is normal and will gladly support this crap

The same people in arguments who will defend a game over it because they really don't know any better. If I was the guy to want kids I would let them play the older ones from the NES/Mega Drive days and work them up slowly through the consoles so they can appreciate what came before

spartan112g113d ago

Or just let them play what they want to play. I personally have no want at all to go back to those stiff boring ass NES games, so it would hypocritical to make my kid play them. Also, Fortnite is fun.

-Foxtrot113d ago

They are kids...they'll play whatever

So why not put some games down that later on they'll apprichete they had a chance to's not as easy to go back to them if they've played the newest high tech games on the market.

We can't easilly go back to them but being kids who've never played anything before they'd eat it up like it was the best thing ever.

I mean you talk about letting them play what they want then say " I personally have no want at all to go back to those stiff boring ass NES games"

So basically because YOU can't play them, they shouldn't? Isn't that the same thing you're trying to tell me off for?

Oh and as for's not that good. I'd rather my kids play things which were a little more fulfilling like Witcher 3, God of War, Super Mario Odyssey and so on.

Godmars290113d ago

You're effectively saying "let them pay for everything, any and every aspect a publisher wants to charge for, they play".

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Christopher112d ago

Kids can play Fortnite, more parents just need to stop letting them buy anything in the game. What you earn is what you get, no more, no less.

Problem is that by letting them buy things, it becomes a popularity contest of sorts. These feeds spending habits as people are marketed towards buying the latest and shamed for having older stuff by those who are able to buy the latest.

Teach your children that they don't need to make other people happy by being like them and spending money to do it, instead instill in them a sense of pride in earning what they do have and being happy with that rather than letting companies tell them when they aren't 'cool'.

bigmalky112d ago

When you have kids, and you can't show them how good Fortnite was due to a shut down of servers, you'll be frustrated too.

At least I have the choice of introducing my kids to Super Mario Bros., Sonic, Phantasy Star and Ocarina of Time.

Future games won't be as easily accessible.

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MWH113d ago

I have a friend who did this with his kids some years ago and it actually worked, they developed a deep sense of gaming appreciating games of all eras. The really amazing part is they like older games sometimes more than the new ones and can be surprisingly critical.

It's incredibly fun listening to a 14 years old talking about SNES, MegaDrive and N64 games and what they think about them in comparison to today's games.

Children are one of the two greatest joys in life.

Gemmol112d ago

Kids want to play what their classmates is playing so they have something to talk about in class, they like to stay current

This how it was for me growing up, I'm in my 30s now and i doubt things change, kids will want to play fortnite or whatever game that is popular at the moment, not play something popular decades ago

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xX1NORM1Xx113d ago

20 years from now no one will be playing fortnite, not because they dont want to but because they can't its gonna suck but i guess its par for the course with online games with no split screen.

Gemmol112d ago

Something better will come along, just like us 3ds and vita owners who waited patiently and the gaming gods blessed us with Nintendo Switch, not even 2 years old and it have over 1,300 games, and more games will be coming, year 3 for a system is when the best games start coming out, because they had 3 years to make the game

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