Minecraft most downloaded Switch game in Japan so far this year

Retail version beats out all other packaged software for 2018 after less than one month on store shelves

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Switch4One88d ago

This game just won't quit. Not my cup of tea but I understand its appeal.

Obscure_Observer88d ago

Awesome! More Nintendo/Microsoft partnership, please!

Samus and Master Chief! O.o

bolimekurac88d ago

to be honest it wasnt my cup of tea either but after getting into it, its pretty decent , actually wanna see the 4k update

n4gamingm88d ago

You are correct my freind. Its owned by Microsoft.

King_Noctis88d ago

Why does it have to be exclusive?

LandoCalrissiano88d ago

Because that's the only thing that matters on this site. They think it's the end all be all of games. It's a joke.