Murray: No Man's Sky Vision Hasn't Changed, It Just Got Bigger & Deeper; I'm Proud of the Launch

Sean Murray of Hello Games said that No Man's Sky vision hasn't changed, it just got bigger and deeper. He's also proud of the launch in 2016, even with all the backlash.

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ccgr88d ago

Still haven't played it due to the negative press

KaiPow88d ago

I wonder if some sites will re-review it if the Next update is a gamechanger.

Razmiran88d ago

Probably, due to the X1 launch

Sgt_Slaughter88d ago

I mean as a completely separate review yes. Not going to change the old scores. Those were when it came out and when it came out it was a god dang mess/letdown.

smolinsk88d ago

Play it, it has all ways been a good game, now its just great.

uth1188d ago

why let others do the thinking for you?

Gh05t88d ago

If the game were free that might be valid but you have to invest money... Maybe the risk isn't worth it to him.

Gatsu88d ago

It's a wonderful game especially if you like to explore and survive.

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XiNatsuDragnel88d ago

Keeping promises after 2 years. Good job

InKnight7s88d ago

Are you being sarcastic? or you really love how they developed the game after the mess? or both

mkis00788d ago

It sets an even worse precedent to not allow for redemption.

Gh05t88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

It sets an even worse president when the dev still refuses to admit how bad he messed up but you forgive him anyways.

mkis00782d ago

I actually dont believe that. He fixes the game for free...that is him admitting it.

codelyoko88d ago

This one should have definitely launched in Early Access , it would have saved them a lot of troubles.

Sam Fisher87d ago

The thing is sony had time exclusive with them and sony doesnt really do early access

LamerTamer87d ago

All games are early access these days. See: day one patch, multiple patches after that.

Gaming4Life198188d ago

proud of the launch lmao...this game is just a lie even now but I give them props for continuing to add to this game. Reality is this game is just mediocre at best.

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The story is too old to be commented.