Can PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Truly Afford to be Discless?

The whole digital only fantasy is never coming true, sorry.

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sammarshall10288d ago

No way. I prefer to own physical games and so does many others especially those with slow internet or data caps

fr0sty87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

I've bought one disc since I bought my PS4, everything else has been digital. About 50 games. So much easier to use...

sammarshall10287d ago

I'd rather get up and change the disc than to trust all digital

Saigon87d ago

I buy my exclusive games digital and my multiplat games on disk. To me, it is sensible to do. Now I am trying to find a BC PS3 to extend my collection a little further.

DarXyde87d ago

You and I are clearly at odds on this.

I've been burned on digital media before and I'm not about to let that happen again.

JackBNimble87d ago

How have you been burned on digital?
I get that people want physical games, and I am sure Sony and MS do as well. But explain how you have been burned on digital.

VincentCastle86d ago

JackBNimble Most probably that the game was not as good as he thought it would be or towards his taste and so he cannot sell it or get a refund. Only recently did Microsoft offer a refund policy, Sony and Nintendo still offer no option. Plus digital is more expensive, should be the other way around.

Though i do get the appeal of digital and also get the appeal of physical. I only buy digital when it's on some massive sale.

JackBNimble86d ago

I'm not advocating one format over another, that's what choice is for.
I asked a simple question that obviously won't be answered with an honest answer.

I highly doubt Sony or MS would go the discless route.... at least for next gen anyway.

DarXyde86d ago


No, I'll answer you honestly. It's the internet, but I've never cared to lie, so here goes...

My experience does not relate to gaming, but it still demonstrates the potential for what happens with licenses. Once upon a time, I liked iPhones. I bought a lot of music through the Apple store. Apparently, there may have been a dispute between Apple and licensure, so what did they do? They literally removed all of the music from the artist from my device without my consent. It was even removed from iTunes on my computer. I called Apple and, no, I couldn't get a refund. If I recall, I was out about $100. Doesn't sound like much, but I basically just threw money at their coffers to get screwed.

Obviously, Apple is not Sony or Microsoft, but I hope you can see why I am not in favor of that kind of control.

JackBNimble86d ago

So are you saying that you don't connect your console to the internet?
I only ask because you license is your physical copy, and that game still runs of the hard drive not the disc. If any dev/pub screw you with an update or whatever, having the physical copy isn't going to change a thing.
The only way to prevent your fears from coming true would be to never ever go online.

You're still actually digital, the only difference is you have a physical license key.

I'm not stating digital is better.... I'm just saying you just have a physical license.

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lxeasy87d ago

I went all digital this gen and I love it

Einhander197188d ago (Edited 88d ago )

NO !! if that was the case backwards compatibility would be pointless especially as Microsoft as put so much effort into the program.

Cmv3887d ago

That's not exactly true. Digital games would still have to be able to be bc. I do hope all digital games are bc going forward, but I don't want an all digital future.

87d ago
Cobra95186d ago

You missed his point. How are next-gen consoles going to be compatible with this gen, or with the one before it, if people can't insert discs into them? Without disc readers, a PS5 won't be able to play your PS4 physical collection, and an Xbox Next won't be able to play Xbox One or Xbox 360 discs.

robtion87d ago

Digital is a nice option but technology is not good enough to remove physical. Many counties have frankly abysmal internet infrastrucure. Next gen games will be massive (many already are) and dowloading them is not viable for many people. No physical means cutting off a huge portion of the market currently. Maybe in a decade when internet infrastructure is better worldwide.

THC CELL88d ago

When are people gunna get thru there thick skulls people like to own stuff they buys that means physically

combatcash87d ago

While im on the same boat as you, I think younger generations are going to prefer digital downloads. We're not too far from an all digital world look at music I think I'm one of the few people who still purchases a CD. Lol

dumahim86d ago

I see music differently. Music is sometimes passive, just something in the background and you can take anywhere. It makes sense for it to be digital. Games are different as someone usually plays them in the same spot or two in the home and require your attention. That doesn't mean it can't be digital, but it doesn't have as great of a reason to be.

lipton10187d ago

I personally prefer digital so speak for yourself. It’s way more convenient and space friendly. I prefer a minimalistic look in my house

FITSniper86d ago

Whatever helps you feel better.

mcstorm87d ago

The cell that's not quite true. Look at dvd CD sales and the uptake in service like Google music, Netflix ect people are going down the digital rout even photos most people don't print anymore.
Digital will be how consoles go but I do think the next consoles will have disk drives in them but I do wonder if they will offer a none disk drive version to and bring the cost down

MatrixxGT87d ago

I mean, how much does a disc drive cost? Especially at the manufacture price. Probably the cheapest component in the box.

rainslacker87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

I wish one would offer a discless option. It'd be nice to see if those systems sell. If they do, then there is a good market, and people can shut up about it. If they don't, then we can see more people prefer physical, and people can shut up about it.

Either way, its win win.

That being said, if any company goes completely digital, they'd fail pretty hard if they start next gen. Even MS knew they need to keep physical around for their digital vision at the start of the gen.

mcstorm87d ago

MatrixxGT depends on the drive as the one in the x box x is not a cheep park remember its a 4k drive. Was also part of the reason why the ps3 cost way more than the 360 due to the blueray drive. So its not as cheep as you think

Muzikguy87d ago


Honestly I thought we reached that point already where people can shut up about it but it hasn’t happened. All the talk about digital and yet physical sales are still going strong. That should be enough but it’s not. People keep wanting to push that all digital is coming.

I don’t like that future at all. I don’t understand why many do. I don’t ever want to put trust in servers and internet or just someone else entirely over my stuff

mcstorm86d ago

@Muzikguy bit of a personal question but how old are you? For me what I am seeing is a generation thing. For example my dad is in his 50s and still buys games, dvds and cds. My brother who is in his early 20s buys all digital for films, photos, music and games.

I see why people don't trust digital and for me I've gone all digital but I have a mix of things where some I own some I stream and I'm in my 30s.

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kevnb87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

when are people going to understand that a physical disk doesnt give you ownership of the game? I mean sure for now you can resell your disk, but they could easily attach a license to them. The consoles all incorporate strong drm measures. If you actually owned the game you could do what you want with it, make copies of it, sell it, port it to another system etc... Where does this false sense of ownership come from?

conanlifts87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

You own the physical item, not the license, yes that it is true. But you can loan it to friends and family members, resell it, put the box on display etc. With digital it is locked to your account. You can't do any of this.
Sure they could attach a license to it, but they won't any time soon. MS tried this when they announced Xbox One and it cost them a huge amount in terms of sales and reputation, forcing them to backpeddle.
Of course digital has some advantages. For example Xbox family sharing allows me to buy a game that can be played simultaneously by myself and my son. With play anywhere 3 people can play the same digital game at once using a PC and 2 Xbox consoles linked by family sharing.

THC CELL86d ago

Your tied to the games even when they are long gone what happens when the servers are shut down and can't sell and trade. Ya left with nothing. Look at the price of some classic games today making 100s

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sammarshall10288d ago

The day consoles are always-online is the day I stop buying new games

NotoriousWhiz87d ago

Always online and digital only are 2 very different things.

sammarshall10286d ago

True but I'd still have to download the games

lipton10186d ago

Lol. The console manufacturers don’t care about you. Throw your little fit and miss out on great games.

sammarshall10286d ago

They will care when they are getting stomped by their competitor who offers offline gaming

annoyedgamer88d ago

Absolutely not. No physical media = no sale.

Smitty202087d ago

You guys say that or think that but if it came too it you def would buy em

Segata87d ago

Not as a collector. So no I would not.

rainslacker87d ago

I might buy. But I'd wait for sales where they're $5-10. I'm patient enough that I don't need to buy my games day one. I'd go from spending 5-6 grand a year on games, to spending less than a few hundred.

DarXyde87d ago

.... A very small part of me wants it to happen now so I can prove you wrong.

Muzikguy87d ago

I wouldn’t


That’s an interesting point that I’m sure others feel the same way. If companies want to claim digital to be the future then if it’s like you say they’d be losing money. Why would they want that? I’m sure that they haven’t thought of this. Just that it’s easier for them distribution wise and cuts production costs

CaptainObvious87886d ago

Nope, I'd be moving to PC gaming if that happened.

PC is still mainly digital, but it's not a closed market with pathetically high prices like consoles are.

sprinterboy86d ago

Totally agree, 1 week sitting with the wife watching love island or geordie shore and you'd be straight out to the shop buying that discless playstation/xbox/NIN in a flash.

nucky6486d ago

i live a mile out of town and have a slow internet speed. it wouldn't be worth my time to try to download 50+ gig games. so, no. i'd quit gaming.

rainslacker86d ago


Even on PC, the game prices on day one, and a month or three in, are still about what you'd see at retail. it's after that first month that you can start to see game prices drop at retail. Steam can see some great sales after a year or more, sometimes decent ones before that.

I personally don't think enough gamers would hold off buying games early to make that much of a difference that publishers would miss out on revenue. They'd make more in the long run, because they'd pretty much do away with the resale market. This means more people may buy at higher prices where the publisher would see money, as opposed to losing a sale to the resale market where they see nothing.

lipton10185d ago

Hell yeah they would. Enormous. I can't wait for the day of digital to come so I can come into this toxic ass website and LAUGH at all of the entitled butthurt neckbeards.

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FinalFantasyFanatic87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

The only time I don't buy physical is if it doesn't exist, or if in the rare case, the physical is so much more expensive than the digital.