Raiders of the Broken Planet Relaunching as "Spacelords"; Will Become Free to Play

Spanish developer MercurySteam is relaunching its third-person-shooter Raiders of the Broken Planet as Spacelords and removing all price barriers.

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ZaWarudo92d ago

Nice. This is what the game needed.

Abriael92d ago

It was definitely under my radar, but I really like the art style. The art director is a badass :D

ZaWarudo92d ago

Raiders was a pretty cool game, but paywalling the campaign made me stop playing. I hope they also reduce the grind a bit.

robtion92d ago

That's funny I think the exact opposite is what is needed. Release the game with all the content included, no paywalls, no microtransactions. Unlock things through gameplay.

In other words release a full game, not bits and pieces of a game then gouge you fanbase for every unlockable character, weapon, or skin.

theshredded92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

It should've been f2p and focused on cosmetics from the start. I'm just glad because the game has AAA quality production. Mercury Steam is a great developer who never made a bad game in my book. With this though, they screwed the monetization and grind factor. AND please for the love of God fix the annoying sound after you shoot which reminds me of Killzone and get ANYONE who knows decent English to do the dialogue instead. Also remove the image of the guy talking to you because that's just bad.

Godmars29092d ago

Mechs? Cyborgs in mechs?

If such is in the actual game, there are segments where you pilot mechs, all I can ask is: why haven't I heard of this before now?

Casepb92d ago

I paid a dollar for the first campaign thing. It's an alright game.

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