Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Getting New Previews, Gameplay Shown To Press

Rockstar showed another preview to certain members of the press today. Also confirmed by a couple of insiders on GTA Forums. No news yet if it's the same they showed before or something new.

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capjacksparrow88d ago

Comes out the day before my birthday! Look forward to playing it on my fresh Spider-Man PS4 Pro :3

Jinger88d ago

Between Spidey, RDR2, and Forza Horizon 4... I got a ton of great games spanning genres to keep me busy for a while

sizeofyou88d ago

Same... ...
... ...but also along with Spyro and BFV in my case.
Sorted for the year.
{almost!} 🤣

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Link2DaFutcha87d ago

Minus the birthday portion I'm in the same boat. Somebody freeze me.

nucky6488d ago

someone needs to tell rockstar they should be showing this stuff to the GAMERS who are going to BUY the game. heard they were doing this "behind closed door stuff" at E3 as well.

annoyedgamer88d ago

CDPR did the same thing. We are viewed as peasants.

b163o188d ago

Peasants who pay $60 of are hard earned money, and sit up late nights logging in countless hours knowing we have to get up and clock in the next day.

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Mr_GoolyPunch88d ago

You don't have to buy their product - it's up to them when they show it, you can not buy the product and save yourself $60. They don't owe you anything I'm afraid.

bolimekurac88d ago

why do people want to see so much of a game before it comes out, why play betas and all that stuff, it ruins the game before its even released

Ausbo88d ago

Yeah but cyberpunk is years away. Rdr is coming out in a few months and we haven’t seen proper gameplay

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kitano194788d ago

you'll buy it either way, its a rockstar production

Silly gameAr88d ago

That's a messed up mentality to have.

King_Noctis88d ago

In their defenses, both CDPR and Rockstar they don’t want another “downgradezzz” accusation. So i kindda understand why they did this.

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LiamKreptic88d ago

So I haven’t seen a single gameplay video this entire time...just stupid cinematic shit. So why is it that almost two months before release and they haven’t shown a single thing?? Seems super fishy.

Profchaos88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

That's how rockstar present all of their games since gta 3 in fact you will find that is actual gameplay they are showing right now they just alter the camera angles to give it a cinematic effect

The only game in their history that got an actual gameplay video was gta v and that video was released just before the launch date.

Sm300088d ago

I don't think so, red dead redemption, 2-3 months prior to release, R* was releasing videos breaking down different aspects of the game. The gangs you can join online for example. It included gameplay.

EazyC88d ago

I wouldn't call it stupid, I think it reinforces the narrative focus, as it's more like a movie that way.

King_Noctis88d ago


Well it is not a movie. It is a story driven game. By that logic then almost every Ps4 exclusives are movies.

Profchaos88d ago

The guy has to be trolling no one who has seen rockstar promote a game can be the ignorant

rainslacker88d ago

They don't have to show the narrative to show off game play.

Not that them.waiting to show game play is really such a problem. It's their prerogative. No one is forced to buy the game before seeing it, or reading reviews

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T2X88d ago

I dont need previews. I know it'll be good!!

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