Laura Bailey to Voice Mary Jane in Spider-Man

Uncharted and Final Fantasy actor Laura Bailey will voice Mary Jane in Spider-Man

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Gamist2dot01278d ago

So they modeled MJ to look like Ashley Johnson but used her voice - interesting.

Silly gameAr1278d ago

That aritcle about the MJ "comparison" earlier was pretty embarrassing. Just goes to show how overly-dramatic some people can be.

bigmalky1278d ago

Says the guy making drama about it when nobody said anything.

Reel your neck in, eh?

Silly gameAr1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Just calling it like I saw it. I actually had a good laugh about it.


I know. That's why it was funny to see how people were reacting.

bigmalky1278d ago

In this thread, no one had mentioned it.

Petty kids as usual.

KillMePrettyPlease1278d ago

No one changed her, it was the light and angle

WelkinCole1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

We live in an outrage society now. Full of snowflakes. It was embarrassing the reaction. I think many are now just programmed to get angry when they hear someones looks was changed.

OB1Biker1278d ago

What is fascinating is the way the press incompetence is met with gamers arguing instead of questioning gaming journalism.

OB1Biker1278d ago

That's why these types of articles are common. Journalists are more interested in getting attention than checking facts.

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oasdada1278d ago

So she is becoming the bew troy baker i see

TGGJustin1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

She's actually been this way for years so no she isn't becoming. Go look her up on Wiki. She does tons of voices in games and Anime.

oasdada1278d ago

Yea so does nolan north.. But troy baker is the nost recognizable and even a part of the joke that troy is in every game! That's what i was referring to..

P.s the fact that i have to look up viki and only know a hand full of games casting laura should tell u what i mean

Ausbo1278d ago

Wow. She’s in just about everything nowadays. Great voice actress