Exclusive Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Gameplay Video To Be Revealed At PSX 2018 SEA

Now, FromSoftware, the studio behind Dark Souls and Bloodborne, is going to showcase an exclusive gameplay footage with an “exclusive theatre experience” at PSX 2018 SEA in Bangkok, Thailand.

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thatguyhayat87d ago

That we know after the schedule released from them. So pumped for this game

greywolf3987d ago

Fuc them, show the gampelay where you announced the game. I hate things that people do for money. They saw that the game did not get the attention they wanted, cause this is not a type of a game for xbox players. I have all 3 consoles so I am being real here. Also to have Activision for a partner?!?! Wish them best of luck. Bloodborne and DemonSouls where best games. Dark Souls is not bad by any mean but it is not as the other 2. Seems like they where more free and had much more time given

thatguyhayat87d ago

Whoaaa wheres this coming from

capjacksparrow86d ago

Probably because they had the gameplay/story reveal at Microsoft's conference even though it was teased at PSX. I watched it knowing that I was gonna be playing it on my PS4 anyway (like most games at Microsoft conferences). Don't make no difference to me, if I game looks good I'll buy it.

NovusTerminus86d ago

Okay, so From Software has worked with Activision back in the days of Tenchu, likely before you knew of From Software since it sounds like you came in with Souls rather then Armored Core and Tenchu, so this is not a new partnership.

Secondly they did give it a full unveil trailer, with some gameplay in it. Next we will get a full showcase like how almost every game ever is showcased.

Ausbo86d ago

Speak for yourself. I’m getting this on Xbox.