Next Xbox Will Have Good Launch Line-Up, Recent Studio Acquisitions Will Beef Up Content: Pachter

The industry analyst figures the new studios should help Microsoft build a solid launch lineup for their next console, if nothing else.

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XiNatsuDragnel179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

Patcher I really hope you're right.

Obscure_Observer178d ago

Ninja Theory New IP. Playground´s Open World Action RPG. New RARE IP. Halo Infinite. The Initiative New IP.

Sounds pretty badass to me. O.o

XiNatsuDragnel178d ago

But Patcher has a bad rep, and my prev history I hated the man regardless of info. So I'm being wary when this dude says it.

Bhai178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

"Next Xbox Will Have Good Launch Line-Up, Recent Studio Acquisitions Will Beef Up Content"... Pachter

"Next PS Will Have Even Better Launch Line-Up, Current Studios Dominance Will Continue To Grow"... Me !

Hahaha ;) that pretty much sums it up, agreed?!

Tankbusta40178d ago


"both will have mediocre launches like every console launch"-ME

178d ago
King_Lothric178d ago

Sounds pretty wishful thinking to me.

DarXyde178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Of course it does to you. That hardly needs to be said.

I do agree however that I expect a stronger launch lineup than the Xbox One. Microsoft likely understands the importance of early impressions by now, but I also think that means Microsoft may release a year or so after PS5. They're likely planning significant launch or launch window titles in addition to having more powerful hardware--a later launch would allow them to do that.

Not an awful strategy, but I do wonder how that'll play out for them.

Muzikguy177d ago

You think those will be launch games. HIGHLY unlikely.

Tazzy177d ago

Halo isn't a new ip it's been out for close to 2 decades.

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Aceman18178d ago

One can only hope they make some good/great games for the next gen.

strayanalog179d ago

I would be pretty surprised if Microsoft didn't come out swinging on the next Xbox launch. I personally think they've learned a lot this generation with the DRM fiasco, backwards compatibility, investing in gaming (although I don't agree with how that was done), and their supposed new focus on the community. Gen 9 could very well be a great "battle" between the Big 3.

DonkeyWalrus177d ago

Honestly I don't think the Xbox One ever could have recovered from that disastrous reveal. The launch is probably one of the most important things affecting all future sales of a console. All the negativity surrounding Xbox at the time certainly drove many people who don't particularly care about brand loyalty to just get the PS4. When later buyers are looking to pick up a console, they'll most likely go with what most of their friends have, and statistically it would've been more likely for them to have PS4s. So they totally screwed themselves from the very beginning.

However, they certainly don't want anything like that to happen next time around. I believe they'll definitely put in a lot of effort to having a stellar launch for their next console. But whether or not they succeed obviously also depends on what their competition is doing. It will be interesting, at least in my opinion.

FinalFantasyFanatic177d ago

The Xone reveal caused so many of my friends who were xbox fans to jump ship and it's only gone downhill over the course of the gen.

trooper_177d ago

I agree.
Time will tell if they turn things around. Eyes are watching them at this point.

SpaceRanger179d ago

They’ll probably launch all of them at the same time, say they’re the only console with that level of first party exclusive content that gen, and then fall back into the cycle they’re in right now.

showtimefolks178d ago


I agree with you one thing they need to learn is to not stack everything in a single year and instead spread it around

mkis007177d ago

Sony's strategy of releasing most first party from January-September should be a standard for every console maker. There are always plenty of games during the holidays by 3rd party.

PhoenixUp179d ago

The launch lineup isn’t all that important in the grand scheme of things, especially not compared to the frequency of new exclusive games it receives afterwards

littletad178d ago

This is true, but it wouldn't hurt. Offering a beefed up Halo Infinity or a new installment in any of their franchises would be a great start up to those who missed it this generation.

Nebaku178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Yeah okay, you tell yourself that. Try imagining where the Switch would be right now without BOTW, for instance.

The launch lineup's success sets the precedent for whether or not developers who were on the fence support it or not.

PhoenixUp178d ago

@ Neb

3DS, PS4 & XO didn’t have great launch lineups and that didn’t mean much in the long term

Publishers and developers would support an Xbox console regardless of its launch lineup

rainslacker177d ago

The initial launch line up isn't that important. There are always early adopters regardless. The most important thing at launch is making sure that there is a positive vibe of great things to come. Having some decent looking games to drive initial interest never hurts.

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BrianOBlivion178d ago

Thank you for your insight Captain Obvious, I wasn't really sure why they would be buying up game dev studios...

thatguyhayat178d ago

Loool i dont know why but this reminded me of that south park episode of captain hindsight

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