EA Sports Dropped the Ball With FIFA 18's World Cup Mode

The World Cup mode in FIFA 18 could have been great, but EA Sports dropped the ball.

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adamwparker114d ago

You left out the TOP REASON why this mode was bad: We couldn't use our World Cup Ultimate Teams against our friends teams.
If you wanted to play against one of your friends, you could only use national teams. Your WC team could only be used in tournament mode and the opponent was a random player.

EA lost a lot of players who would've stayed longer because of this.

Worst part of this is I wasn't aware of it until after I sold my regular Ultimate Team and used those coins in World Cup mode. Totally ended FIFA18 for me.

badz149114d ago

it's a free update. of course they are not gonna put too much efforts into it. are you guys new to EA or something? what's in their mind right now is not how to fix 18 but rather how to cope with the CR7 moving to Juventus situation