New Three-Strike Policy Announced For Cheaters In Pokemon GO

The company behind Pokemon Go, Niantic, has just announced new measures with which they will combat cheating in their game.

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PhoenixUp116d ago

This policy against cheaters should require only one strike, two at maximum

PhantomS42116d ago

If you want to combat cheating why don't you get rid of the regional exclusives because 99% of the players have the time or money to fly around the world to collect those. Have legendaries and other raid exclusive Pokemon have even a small chance to appear in the wild, people who don't live in major cities are pretty much screwed when it comes to raids. Make more Pokemon available outside of major cities, again low population areas are screwed and pretty much can't play unless they spoof their GPS or make trading global so friends from other regions can trade you the legendaries or exclusives.

But sure, punish players because of your bad choices when making the game.

Averyashimself116d ago

Completely agree. I thought Pokemon were supposed to be out in the wild? Yet instead were seeing more Pokemon in cities than anything. I thought they wanted to encourage us to get out of the house and see more of the world (such as places like national forests, parks, mountains), yet it has always been just an encouragement to either not play, or go to your major city if you have one. I for one am not playing anymore because im tired of having to drive to different city locations just to catch anything decent and have my immersion broken by finding stuff like goldeens, magikarp, and ponytas in the middle of the cities i go to.

Anarki116d ago

I agree with this completely. I am not going to Africa with the intentions of catching Pokémon nor am I going to America or Asia for their exclusives. At least let us trade with those who are over seas too. I have had softbans before without even using any illegal software just a shitty gps signal.

Anarki116d ago

I feel they should address one of the biggest issues of this game and that is the severe lack of Pokéstops/Gyms in the smaller villages/towns. I lived in a village that LITERALLY had 1 pokéstop in the entire village. It wasn't a SMALL village either. Doing so would definitely make the need for spoofing less desirable for those who are located in these areas.