Fat[EX] Courier Simulator Announced - Screens And Trailer

In Fat[EX] Courier Simulator you play as a courier for special tasks where you will have to deliver many parcels, despite all adversities.

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Cajun Chicken90d ago

I love all of these weird simulators we're getting since Goat Simulator came out.

RainOfTerror90d ago

agreed.. this one made me laugh :)

ProjectVulcan90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

This could be genius. Think of all the scenarios you could create if you were inclined.

What about one where you go miles out of your way to deliver somebody's parcel then they treat you like shit and want it taken to a different address. So the second half of the mission is to smash the crap out of the parcel as much as possible in the time limit as you deliver it before they arrive and realise :p lol

RainOfTerror89d ago

hahahah now there's an idea :)