No Man’s Sky developer Sean Murray: ‘It was as bad as things can get’

From The Guardian: "Murray and Hello Games coded a near-infinite universe and survived a harassment ordeal. For two years, they’ve stuck by the game that put them on the map – and led to death threats"

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hoebagger88d ago

Release the game you advertise. It's not hard.

nucky6488d ago

ask chris roberts how hard it is to do that.

NecrumOddBoy88d ago

He can't hear them under all that Scrooge McDuck Kickstarter money the scammed backers blindly gave.

porkChop88d ago

There's a key difference between the two. Roberts keeps expanding and changing what Star Citizen is supposed to be. Sean Murray and Hello Games haven't changed what NMS is supposed to be.

Murray announced features that weren't in the game, and then slowly added some of those features after the backlash. NMS still isn't the game they showed and promised. They lied, plain and simple.

ziggurcat88d ago


"Murray announced features that weren't in the game, and then slowly added some of those features after the backlash ... They lied, plain and simple."

No. Can you prove that they slowly added those verifiable features because of the backlash (keeping in mind that there are things that people might not even encounter due to the gigantic scope of the world)? Can you also prove that there was no intention of implementing those features from the beginning?

It's not really lying if they had every intention of implementing the features they spoke about prior to the launch of the game. I think it was more of a case of them putting the game out too soon before everything was ready rather than willful deception on the part of the devs/Sean Murray.

JEECE88d ago

Lol the people who bash NMS but continue to try to defend Star Citizen are the best. It's like criticizing the guy who got distracted by a phone call and accidentally walked out of the store without paying for a bottle of coke and defending the gang of criminals who carried out a coordinated robbery of a diamond store.

Rachel_Alucard88d ago


He flat out made claims 2 months before release that never were there in the first place. He claimed you could hack doors to get in a live demo. Just look at this huge list

Is it even possible to lie in the industry given the strict criteria defenders seem to require?

fr0sty88d ago

Rachel, you shouldn't post things that have like 10 different edits clarifying where the OP went wrong.

Rachel_Alucard87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

So he corrected 4 mistakes out of how many points? How does this detract from anything? He even states "All information linked is either from the horse's mouth, or official marketing material." Good job trying to defend Peter Molyneux the 2nd. You literally have no defense for this.

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Godmars29088d ago

Thing is they didn't have the game they advertised. That the whole of the game advertising business is about misrepresentation to one degree or another and even the worst examples, nevermind repeated ones of beefing up graphics, is never really punished or held account.

Concertoine88d ago

Seriously, with the downvotes?

Props to Hello Games for keeping with the game, but they still released a 60 dollar tech demo that looked nothing like the baked E3 demos (which they had the gall to claim werent baked on stage!)

At launch there was a sticker covering up the part of the box that said "multiplayer".. nuff said...

BlaqMagiq188d ago

I'm shocked you're even getting downvotes.

I don't condone death threats in any way, but the outrage is COMPLETELY justified. Hello Games did not deliver the game we were advertised. And now they're "fixing" the game. I feel sorry for anyone defending this game.

milohighclub88d ago

When you're office floods and destroys the majority of the work it is...

n1kki688d ago

And now they bumped the price back to $60 from $20 on the psn store even though the update is free to those who already bought the game. Like guys, if you want to bump the price to align with the xbox release fine, but then release at $40, make it a sequel, or make it paid dlc. But raising the price is a god awful look, again.

uth1188d ago (Edited 88d ago )

game development is easy, just wave ykur magic wand, and the game yku want appears. -the internet

1-pwnsause-188d ago ones saying game development is easy.... just don’t advertise your game as if it was going to have the features it was suppose to have and the first place or half a** it... that in itself is not that hard...

joab77788d ago

What? Yeah. It’s that simple. You are a team of 4 who had their studio flooded and almost lost everything. Then you get bought by Sony and WE see this thing and go ape-shit over the possibilities. Sony then takes this thing and markets it as a AAA game and charges $60.

It’s always been what I thought it was. A great template for future updates. I invested in it and played for a long time. I loved it. And they did what they should and I expected them to. They went back to work and took advantage of the groundwork that they created.

It should have been no more than 30-40 at launch, and a future timeline laid out. It was marketed wrong, but anyone who expected a AAA game from a handful of ppl was insane to begin with!

Concertoine88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

My issue is that there was a game made by roughly 10 people that was selling for full MSRP that you see for RPG's, fighters, or open world games crafted by hundreds of employees and much more content.

I feel for the situation with the flood (i acutally lost important stuff in a flood recently) but it sounds like whoever ,made the decision not to delay and not to properly inform consumers (whether it was Hello Games or Sony) made the wrong call.

joab77787d ago

@Concertoine I’d love to know that too. Did Sony choose the $60 price tag? Did HG sign off on it? I do know that many bought into it hook, line and sinker. I remember telling a lot of my friends who bought this that it was made by a dozen ppl or less, and would be more of a Minecraft style game. But everyone was so damn excited, ya couldn’t tell anyone anything at the time. They all fell off, and I kept playing for two months.

Not sure why, but it scratched the progression itch for me. And was so serene and beautiful that I adored this game. The one thing Inwould love would be a 4 hr campaign that simply introduced us to the different races and their history in the universe. Then it would be perfect to me.

Additions for future updates that would be amazing would be investing in trading and trade routes, allowing us to grow plants, in addition to mining. Send out freighters and npcs on missions to gather and fight.

And to top it all off, allow everything to exist in a pervasive universe in which the ultimate goal is to colonize planets, maybe siding with one race and helping to build planets back up. Ppl would spend forever doing this, especially if they knew it left a lasting impression that everyone could see.

Imagine if it became a rudimentary style Eve Online. Would be the shit!!!!!!

Gatsu88d ago

Still death threats to the developers and bomb threats to the studio isn't okey. I think gamers really went too crazy with that as the game has always been good.

Babadook788d ago

Actually it’s very hard.

3-4-587d ago

Stop the hate just to hate. We get it didn't get your way....the fact that you still hate this man 2 years later because you didn't get 100% what you wanted is pathetic.

Move on with your life. He could have taken the money and ran, but they stuck it out and showed some ethics and and integrity by trying to make right by it.

Give credit where credit is due, even if you don't like the game.

I don't plan on buying it again, but I won't be hating on them either. Some of you just need to grow up and get over yourself.

Orionsangel87d ago

They decided to ride the hype wave and it got out of hand.

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PhantomS4288d ago

“No Man’s Sky was what we wanted it to be when it launched,” he maintains.

Pretty much everything you need to know about this con-artist. He was very well aware they were lying about what they were advertising and selling to gamers and what they actually released. It's rare that a shady person would actually admit that they knowingly and willingly lied about false advertising and this should be posted on every game he tries to make in the future to make people aware that he is a liar.

showtimefolks88d ago

I think no doubt hee on with the studio knew the kind of reception it would get but let's not give the gamers a pass because they had in their own mind what NMS was suppose to be

And no matter what be mature making death threats isn't necessary to get your point across

I think games still needs few more big updates before it comes to a point for me personally to play it

Atleast they didn't quit abd run away with the money instead stuck around abd tried to fix. Look at Ea and bioware with months after release they stopped all future patches and content with mass effect

PhantomS4288d ago

Gamers had an idea of what the game was supposed to be because Hello Games kept saying everything was in the game on day 1 and they kept showing it in demos and trailers. Making death threats is never okay and I am not defending that but that doesn't give Hello Games a free pass either.

RabbitFly88d ago

The idea that Murray is a con-artist is so blown out of proportion it's silly at this point.

Just because people believe the hype that was being perpetuated by the fans and the media he gets blamed for lying about a game he was very honest about.

Like the whole multiplayer fiasco. He repeatedly stated that this was not a multiplayer game and if you expected to play with your friends you should find another game for you. The game was always about the isolation that comes form exploring space alone.

Most of the other features that people complain about are wholly subjective concepts. Like the depth of systems implemented in the game. The depth of a system is subjective.

PhantomS4288d ago

Wrong, with the multiplayer alone he stated time and time again that there was multiplayer but the galaxy was "so big" it was impossible to find another play which was proven wrong day 1. Everything that gamers called out as being a lie and was excited for to be in the game is everything the liar said himself. No one blew it out of proportion except Murray because he knew the game wouldn't sell the way it was day 1 so he lied.

CorndogBurglar87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

See, this is where Murray went wrong.

Is he a con artist? No. But I think he learned a valuable lesson about communication.

For instance, you mention that he said multiple times it wasn't a multiplayer game. That may be true. But what he DID say is that you could totally run into other players in the world, just that it wasn't likely because of how big the world is. So logically, if other people are out in the same world as you, then people are not wrong for thinking they can go meet up with their friends on a given planet or space station and play together.

See the difference? So yeah. He may not have been advertising this as a multiplayer game. But he DID say you can play with other people.

That's where the big problem is. His communication was very bad. He even admitted in his apology (3 months after launch, after he went radio silent) that from now on he wouldn't talk about features in the game until he was 100% certain they would make it into the game. That right there shows that he was well aware that he said certain things would be in the game that weren't.

RabbitFly87d ago (Edited 87d ago )


Multiplayer was always touted as a novelty feature.

Seriously. Every intetview he did after the e3 reveal he tried to clarify how i unimportant it was, because that was all he was asked about. Over and over again.

A novelty feature that got cut. It happens with every game that has ever been released.

Bottomline is. Anyone that thought the game would actually have Multiplayer, clearly did not follow the game at all.

This has been blown way out of proportion.

What baffles me the most though. Is that the same guts that want game devs to be more transparent are the same people hanging Murray out to dry. Do they not realize that it will only lead to less and less communication by devs to the community. Because clearly marketing needs to vet every Word they say. In Fear of it being taken the wrong way.

Gwiz88d ago

I think it's a warning for everyone out there,there was a reason why they didn't use an " early access " model so they could charge people $60 without people actually questioning its content quantity/quality.

I'm not surprised about his statement,i'm not even going to argue with anyone about it.
I have had my fair share of arguments " Look at what Bungie with Destiny did " and other examples.
Not leading to a game specific argument but rather pointing elsewhere to make it seem not so bad.
Just to make a weird observation,did you know him and Peter Molyneux are from the same village?
I know it seems like a trivial coincidence but both have made a game with an universal theme,oh well.

uth1188d ago

he said as far back as Jun 2014 in an interview that not everything will be doable at launch, including full multiplayer. he said at launch at best multiplayer would be "cool moments" where you see traces that another player had been there. it's amazing how these quotes are memory holed while other cherry picked quotes are uses ro "prove" he lied

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Lionsguard88d ago

At least he stuck by his product and improved it which is more than some companies *coughBiowareMassEffectcough*

ginsunuva87d ago

Bioware stuck by Mass Effect and killed it. Even worse than abandoning it.

spaceg0st88d ago

My frustrations were fueled by the fact that they went radio silent at launch. They released a game without a bunch of advertised features, $60, then we didn't hear from them at all. All that negativity was deserved. If they had only addressed it, it would've been very different. Fire that PR person

ziggurcat88d ago

If people didn't act like a bunch of children, and utter death threats, perhaps they would have been a bit ore receptive. It's hard to address anything with people when they clearly can't conduct themselves in a rational manner.

rainslacker88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

There was nothing he could have said at that time which would have quelled people's anger. He tried after launch, and got death threats. That's why he stopped talking.

It's not like he just disappeared without trying to address people's concerns. he was given the opportunity by one site, people wanted nothing less than him being dragged through the streets and shackled so they could throw stones.

uth1188d ago

they had to. the abuse on the internet was affecting their mental health. they did the best thing they could have done instead, buckled down and improved the game

Gatsu88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Well people wanted to kill them and blow up their studio... so no wonder they went silent. Imagine working in those conditions with all the threats. Just shows how idiotic gamers can be especially when they are unsatisfied with something.

spaceg0st88d ago

I would've been completely fine with something along the lines of... "Look, we have this vision for the game, couldn't get it all in in time for launch, but we'll continue to work on it in order to do so." ... Just addressing the lack of promised content would've been something. Instead they didn't say a word. That angered me more than anything. Looking forward to jumping back in, after this patch drops

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Nerdmaster88d ago

I still remember when the game was first revealed, when the only information was "you pilot a space ship and there's a huge number of planets", and people already started saying "this will be the best game ever!". The developers did promise some things that were not in the game, but I don't think they could've done anything to prevent disappointment after the huge hype people created by themselves.

uth1188d ago

this is the real answer, the hype took on a life of its own. something about this gime strikes a chord with people.

it continues to this day. the smallest bits of info released anout NEXT get blown way out of proportion, baseless speculation abounds and new controversies erupt. "they lied about the clouds" is the latest nontroversy

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