IGN: SOCOM: Confrontation Impressions

Last week, Sony and Slant 6 released the latest chapter in the SOCOM franchise on the PS3. The highly anticipated SOCOM: Confrontation hit stores as both a standalone title and bundled with a headset, and it was also available for download from the PSN. However, shortly after the release, the problems with the game started, with numerous reports of server outages, game issues and other problems that made the retail game feel much more like an "open open beta" than a fully complete title.

This was a problem for media and consumers alike, and IGN spent the last week trying to fully understand what was going on with this game by playing as much as they could to give some early impressions.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Just refuse the M$ bags of cash IGN and everything will be ok

I'm off to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!

Sena Kobayakawa3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

See I dont Flame but how you guys going to explain this

"But I do admit that I'm extremely surprised that there would be so many technical issues with one of the larger franchises for Sony, especially with such a rabid SOCOM community still active in the world. But, until that patch has become available, reviewing the game isn't even possible right now"

its easy to call everything a flop.but take some of your games in consideration.

Im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!!

PirateThom3649d ago


Slant Six messed up.

Blademask3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

This entire fanboy nonsense was spawned from 360 fans bashing every PS3 title under the sun after e3 and last year. "FLOP's" were born with the attitude towards the ps3, its delays, and game lineup.

That single quote of yours highlights the problem. Thats completely obvious, but it wasn't preached back when everyone was laughing at Lair, and even as recent as haze. No one remembered the 360's entire launch lineup with the exceptions of only 3 games, the ps3 wasn't alone creating flops. I know this will go over your head, and the rest of the idiots that should be in the open zone, but thats the truth.

Ps3 fans laughing at every single 360 release this year is purely just retribution for last year. I doubt anyone honestly believes that either system is impervious to creating flops, again. look at the 360's entire year before fable2. But that doesn't mean that some how Ps3 owners need to reflect on themselves for participating in the same lame rational and definitions that 360 owners created. According to the Microsoft VS PS3 bible:

- Anything below 90% Is a Flop**
- Anything that doesn't sell 8 million Is a Flop
- The PS3 can't outsell the 360 in America, Europe, and Japan
- Multiplats show console power

Now, every single one of those things has been tossed under the bus. But all you will hear is 'buh buh' rebuttals, which ultimately just end up in 'well i hate the f&(&ing ps3 anyway' due to its pricing and affordability.

You are pointing out the double standard which ignites the fanboy wars. But if they weren't made in the first place the community wouldn't be like it is right now.

People loved to laugh at the Ps3's average game scores, then when the 360 got nothing but average games, the laughing stopped, and the more rational people said 'Hey thats fine, reviews are stupid anyway.' Which again, is obvious. But it was used as something to attack ps3 games with.

Simple solution to stop the fanboy nonsense? Give credit where credit is due. Simple as that. The problem here is no one was saying Fable2 was going to flop, or Gears2. Especially in this atmosphere of media. But you can't neglect the fact that every PS3 game that scores under 80% is deemed a flop, and questions about the CELL come up, and when it scores well its, "WELL SHOULDA BEEN AT LAUNCH!" But don't pretend that every game on a console is going to be gold, and that goes for anyone.

PirateThom3649d ago

One of the most sensible things ever written on here.

PimpHandStrong3649d ago

Slant Six had made 2 PSP games b4 this one!


They bit off more then they could chew and they might choke to death if they dont fix it

thereapersson3649d ago

Great post, Blademask. Here's a bubble for posterity.

cereal_killa3649d ago

Same here Blade bubbles excellent comment!!!

chaosatom3649d ago

One who call AAA title to every ps3 game or Flop to every xbox game and between ones.I, for example, didn't say that socom is a hit or anything.

I think they did do a mistake by releasing it too early. They need more time.

ShinMaster3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

A patch is coming soon.
Hopefully that will clear problems. Nah, I'm positive the servers will run much smoothly.

CHEF3649d ago

Although this is my first post , I have frequented this site since late 2005 curious for any news on the release of the xbox360. As the 360 launched, I remember the pro Sony camp jump on any negative news about Microsoft's new console. It was called "Xbox 1.5" and anyone who had anything to say positive about the 360 was an "xbot". To me, this was the norm until the delayed release of the PS3, it's high price and the release of Gears of War. From that point, the site became even in terms of fans of either console making comments. There were great debates between both camps from really articulate veterans who unfortunately no longer frequent this site.

Fast forward to Microsoft's "semi confession" to the RROD problems and pro Sony fans began returning or at least began commenting again with certain confidence. The tide really turned with the release of MGS4 which was given great scores by virtually all the gaming sites. Couple that with a "dry up" of Xbox360 excusives after Halo3 and the death of HD-DVD.

Forgive me for rambling on but the point I wanted to bring up Blademask is this....this site, in the beginning, was heavily frequented by pro-Sony fans who outnumbered the Xbox fans. And I must say, the pro-Sony camp was pretty ruthless in the "good old days".

Oh by the way, I agree with you with giving credit where credit is due. Although I only own a 360 at the moment, I'm looking forward to owning a PS3 as soon as I get the 1080p lcd 52" Samsung this November.

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Scotracer3649d ago

I don't understand how it can go from the 1.6 patch on the Beta working fairly well to this mess? I was planning on picking up at UK launch (28th November) and it looks like that's a great idea as the bugs MAY be ironed out by then.

DaTruth3649d ago

Europeans might get their copies working right out of the box. No patching necessary.

TheExecutive3649d ago

lol they cant even review the game because its completely broken.

Panthers3649d ago

I can play it every time i get on, but i am glad they are waiting. Socom probably should have been held back, but I am glad to be playing it right now.

Martini3649d ago

Wow that's pretty bad - I wonder if the retailers would be willing to refund your money for a lemon like this.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3649d ago

I don't think so.Many people tried to return their malfunctioning 360s.The retailers said no.

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