Soulja Boy Updates Us On Beating 360 Gamers, Hating PS3

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"...take in Soulja Boy's stories about crushing gamers on Xbox Live and his analysis of why the PlayStation 3 is no good."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida5221d ago

An illiterate fool praising the 360? No surprises there XD

TheNewerGuy5221d ago

Xbots are so so dumb,it's not even a joke anymore XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harri44445221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

what other kind of person but a dumb person would ever buy a 360

Nintendo Rep5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

What's even dumber is people who bought a launch PS3 and Xbox 360, the RROD and the shortage of games on the PS3 made everyone who paid up to $500+ can't even play games on both sides! Thank god I have a Wii.

Harri44445221d ago

having fun with such titles as wii music wii play wii board. really mario you only have children games and fitness programs.

morganfell5221d ago

What is with the hat? Seriously. I bet he has one pant leg pulled up to the knee and his underwear hanging out. It isn't style, it is sheer stupidity. The clown is a retard.

As Tom said, popularity is the pocket change of history but this scrawny moron couldn't rub two nickels together. People applauding this imbecile are themselves in allegiance to the ignorant.

Pain5220d ago (Edited 5220d ago )


Who is this Kid and why the F*&^ should i care what a Internet retard has to say?

did he come from the future? can he tell us How many DVD9 a xbox 2 game uses ? No? the Piss off.

@ N_Rep.."What's even dumber is people who bought a launch PS3 and Xbox 360'
-i dont know a Moron that bought a wii for Wii sports?

Stubacca5220d ago

I didn't even know the Wii was a console for gamers! That's amazing.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5220d ago

Er no thanks!!! 'Soulja Boy'??? More like 'STUPID Boy'!!! ;-D

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Adriana Lima5221d ago ShowReplies(8)
INehalemEXI5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

He said ... PS3 they only got 1 good game MGS4...then he said Xbox got..Gears, and Call of Duty...which was also on PS3. . . . Self-pwnage.


Ludacris>thisboy and Luda <3 PS3

This kid is part of the Xbox generation and hes excited thats great ...he needs to calm down though on the PS3 hate.

Harri44445221d ago

soulja boy seemed like the kind of person that would sell out to MS.

Aclay5221d ago

Anyone that still goes around saying the PS3 has no good games like Soulja Boy clearly has no idea what they are talking about or is just a Xbox fan. Uncharted Drakes Fortune, Heavenly Sword, Rachet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction, GT5P, Warhawk, Resistance and Motorstorm are all great games as well.

Metal Gear Solid 4 was the highest rated PS3 exclusive and it was the first PS3 game with TONS of hype, but just because games like Uncharted or Resistance didn't have tons of hype like MGS4 did and didn't get 10/10's and high 9/10's across the board it doesn't mean that they aren't worthy games because they are.

According to a lot of Xbox fans it's like if a game doesn't score 90% or higher on Metacritic then it doesn't qualify as a game that's really worth playing on the PS3 or it's not a game on the PS3 that is worthy of a AAA status and that's just bull because Heavenly Sword and Uncharted are AAA games to me because the production value and detail in those games are just off the charts.

SolidSnake935221d ago

So he names 2 360 exclusives and 1 PS3 exclusive and that difference in 1 exclusive makes it much better.

KingME5221d ago

Soulja is just having fun. Why are you guys taking it so personal. It's just like when you're playing ball, guys on the court are always talking smack. And if they can back it up, then cool you can talk until I beat you.

But once I do get you, it's my turn to talk. As far as him saying the PS3 suck, that's simply his opinion. Most of us know that that's not true and that he's just talking. It really don't take much to get under you guy's skin does it?

INehalemEXI5221d ago

I just like to comment on the news/story's around here cause im into games and I like the site. When I see something ridiculous I just call it how I see it though.

sonarus5221d ago

Nice PS3 has no games:D i guess i won't be playing it then:)

mikeslemonade5221d ago

Soulja Boy has the stereotypical short sightedness of a rapper so of course he thinks 360 is better. He doesn't see the potential of PS3. And he doesn't need to because he has so much money and can careless about potential. When PS3 becomes the better system watch Soulja Boy play that more starting in 2009. I mean seriously what games is he going to play in 2009 for 360 COD6 and Madden 2010?

Dino5221d ago

can someone translate what that skinny black chick was talking about?

Tacki5221d ago

I kind of agree with you. I mean, it is simply his opinion on the PS3... but I think that more people could show a little 'courtesy' I suppose you could say. I enjoy both consoles myself, and while I understand not everyone will share in my point of view, I think you can choose your words more carefully than Soulja Boy has. Of course there's no law that says you must show respect to a console or that console's gamers... but I feel like less of those fans would be up in arms if only people would word things differently.

In Soulja Boy's case he admits he really liked the PS2 (at least that's what I think he said... slang confuses me) but he feels the PS3 sucks and that it only has one good game. He could have just as easily said something like, "PS3? Nah, I'm just not feelin' it. PS2 was hot, but they ain't got nothin' that really interests me y'know. Metal Gear Solid 4's good... but that's about all I like." Granted SOME people would still go off on him because many just don't like it when you don't share their opinion... but I think many more wouldn't be here calling him names and such. I say you shouldn't let folks like this bother you too much but I can sort of understand the fans since he does make himself sound ignorant with his statements.

Though I myself don't really see why these videos get approved. I know it's not just 'news' here, despite the name of the website but... I dunno I suppose I just don't see why he should get attention just for being a rapper ( or hiphop artist or whatever genre his music falls under - forgive my lack of knowledge) who happens to game. Ah well, in goes how it goes.

Cryos5221d ago

Here's why people care.....

he has 139,000 subscribers on youtube
his last video on youtube got over 200,000 views
his youtube channel has almost 9 million views
his most viewed video on youtube has over 39 million views

he has a broad influence and many fans, and many viewers hearing what he has to say.

We care because whenever he says something stupid (every time he opens his mouth) he makes everyone dumber for having heard him.

pretty soon society as we know it will devolve into having conversations, spouting nonsense and idiocy, barely coherent phrases will become the acceptable norm, and "yah!" will be screamed for agreement and disagreement. Independant thought will be crushed by a swarm of blockheads that laugh and nod in agreement to the one making the least amount of sense. All music will become 3 words repeated over and over, and dancing will become spazzing like an epileptic at a night club.

Honestly, is that what you want the world to become?

hay5221d ago

This guy wants to be in center of attention no matter how huge idiot he makes from himself. Pseudo internet star feels like being popular or something and what's the worst thing that may happen to him? Yeah, that's right. You hate him, ignore him.
Unsubscribe, don't click on links with his articles, movies, just don't pay attention to him and you'll see him desperate and/or crying soon.

Jackobinen5220d ago

@ Dino: ROFLMAO...seriously!

r3xmund15220d ago

I mean this guy makes me feel bad for his mother... i mean to know you gave life to this must weigh on her mind every day....

Ontop of which the little 'Soulja' aint to bright... "Cos we all know the aint no Call 'o' doody on de, free y'all...."

Christ this guy needs to read his scripts...

i wish I saw him on one day, just to kerb stomp his ass into next week.

revolutionika5220d ago

Don't you mean " what an idiot" ?

not " what a idiot "

that makes you sound like an idiot when you say it like that

KingME5220d ago (Edited 5220d ago )

Great response, and I agree with you 100%. He could have used a more diplomatic approach to what he said. But for me rather than stooping to an even lower level than he did (As a lot of people did.) I would just chalk it up to him be an ignorant little man who likes the XBOX 360 and doesn't know much about the PS3. (Although he owns one.)I would not really lend too many brain cells to the process as it's really not worth it. One thing I can say for a fact is (And this is the ironic part of the process) had he made the exact same comment about the 360 and loved the PS3 the exact same people that called him stupid and sucky, etc. would be singing his praise and downloading his latest hit off of itunes. Funny but true. Nice comment Tacki bubbles up to you!

@Cryos - Dude, I don't know if your comment was a poor attempt at humor or if you were serious, but obviously unlike yourself I give the general public a little more credit than to hear some minimally educated rapper spew out a bunch of nonsense and then become totally hypnotize to the point of speaking the way he does and thinking like he does. Perhaps you fear this for yourself, and if that's the case perhaps you should stop reading comments on N4G as I have heard even more ignorant stuff here and at a much higher frequency.

Bottom, this dude has an opinion just as the rest of us do, and if you don't agree with it, then move on and save a few brain cells.

chuck liddell5220d ago

I lol'd so effin' hard he is funny

Ateanboy5220d ago

Alright, let's make this clear.

Soulja Boy isn't even a good rapper. He isn't even a DECENT rapper.

Soulja Boy is mediocre at BEST. I love rap. But this guy is a fvkin CLOWN. He's sorry. He's garbage. And it is what he does for a living...

So when this dude speaks, why does anybody even bother to listen?

ESPECIALLY when he's speakin about videogames????

If this guy really IS as good at playing video games as he claims he is, why doesn't he do us all a favor and change from a rapper to a professional gamer?

Please. I beg of you Soulja Boy. Drop the mic. Just quit. Play videogames for a living if that's what it takes for you to just SHUT THE FVCK UP.

gaffyh5220d ago

@Ateanboy - so basically what you're saying is that he's a twat. Yeah I agree, I hate his crap music, and what's worse is that he is representing Xbox owners in general, giving all of us a bad name.

ShinMaster5220d ago

Yes, because Soulja Boy is our #1 source for gaming news.

Who approved this!?

TVC155220d ago

"Anyone that still goes around saying the PS3 has no good games like Soulja Boy clearly has no idea what they are talking about or is just a Xbox fan. Uncharted Drakes Fortune, Heavenly Sword, Rachet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction, GT5P, Warhawk, Resistance and Motorstorm are all great games as well. "

Both consoles have the same amount of good exclusives as of now.
MGS4 and Ratchet are the only good PS3 exclusives.
Gears of War and Mass Effect are the only good Xbox 360 exclusives.

I could go into all the mediocre exclusives for each platform but I won't.

This holiday season the PS3 is getting Little Big Planet.
This holiday season the Xbox 360 is getting Gears of War 2, Fable 2, and Left 4 Dead.

Now with that said, MGS4 = 5 GOOD exclusives. Same with Ratchet.
This gen has become more about quantity, I own an Xbox 360 and I got baited into thinking there'd be a lot of GOOD xbox exclusive games.

KingME5220d ago

Hey dude, what games do you have. Also what's your gamertag, perhaps we can do some coop fable 2 or something.

Cryos5220d ago

First off:
I'm glad you give society credit. This is the same society that makes American Idol a hit TV show year after year.
Yes, I'm kidding. And if you don't understand that, you need a lesson in humour. Do yourself a favor and watch some standup. Here's some good ones:
Bill Cosby
George Carlin
Carlos Mencia
Bill Burr
Chris Rock
Katt Williams
and the Blue Collar Comedy Tour

Thirdly and probably most importantly:
most humour is based on some small amount of truth. I offer this for your consideration (warning: some vulgarity)

Have a great day

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Lolliflop Lolliflop 5221d ago

I honestly believe that we have found the most illiterate Xturd out there

Keele5221d ago

Yeah, hes like the 360 version of you.

Nintendo Rep5221d ago

Wow that destroyed him. Completely. Utterly.