This New Nintendo Switch Game Really Plays Best on an 8-Year Old Console

Gadgets 360 says: "All of this goes to show that not every game benefits from being played on more powerful systems or ones with the most control options. In both departments, the Nintendo Switch trounces the 3DS but it falls flat in delivering an experience that a title like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker deserves. With Nintendo keeping tightlipped on a Nintendo 3DS follow up and the Switch’s rousing success, it’s unlikely that the company would release a dedicated handheld. But if it does, it would be interesting to see if it would feature some of the traits that’s made the 3DS last as long as it did such as its dual screen design and stylus controls which make experiences Captain Toad its own."

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PhoenixUp803d ago

First of all 3DS isn’t even 8 years old yet, it was released 7 years ago in 2011

Also 3DS isn’t a console it’s a handheld

starsi360803d ago

a small electronic device for playing computerized video games.

And okay it’s 7 and a half years, who cares, it’s coming up on 8 years old soon.

Sgt_Slaughter803d ago

Came out in February so it's less than half at this point. Sounds like you care if you had to try and dispute it.

PhoenixUp803d ago

Don’t be a smart ass. By that general description you could call a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, & smart watch a console.

It’s not okay to be rounding up the age of something. That’s like saying Switch is a 2 year old system

Theknightofnights803d ago

The distinction is "home video game console" or "handheld video game console". Both of them are consoles, just different types.

PhoenixUp803d ago

There was no such distinction in the headline. If the author wanted a shortened term they should’ve just used handheld because just saying “Console” has different connotations

Theknightofnights803d ago (Edited 803d ago )


It doesn't need the distinction to be made apparent for this context. It's a "console" either way, whether it's handheld or home. They also used the term "handheld".

King_Noctis803d ago (Edited 803d ago )

Instead of arguing which is a console or not, I’m just happy that the 3DS is still going strong in 2018. Since I own one (along with a Switch), I hope they continue to suppor the 3DS long into 2019 and beyond like they had promised.