Here's A Closer Look At Velocity Suit In Spider-Man PS4

Velocity Suit is the latest addition to Spider-Man PS4. This was the latest costume reveal along with the classic Spider-Man costume.

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Xb1ps4180d ago

Will there be any surprises left? Could keep the suits quiet?

Magic_Spatula180d ago

It's already been stated that these suits being revealed are pre-order bonuses and early unlocks. You can still get them in the game by doing side missions and collecting tokens to unlock them. So there are plenty of suits that haven't been revealed that you can get in the game.

Xb1ps4180d ago

Looks like a few people disagree with me.. anyway, wouldn’t surprise me to see posts about “the game had no surprises”..

ShadowWolf712179d ago

Most of them still are a mystery.