Microsoft "Investing Aggressively" in Gaming Content, Community, and Cloud Services

Microsoft is investing heavily across all areas of gaming, and shares the outlook for the current quarter, expecting revenue growth in the mid-teens.

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PhoenixUp92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

“Nadella underlined that this fiscal year Microsoft’s gaming business passed ten billion dollars in revenue for the first time”

Microsoft didn’t release a lot of heavy hitting games in the last fiscal year to help attain that milestone, showing it’s no wonder services & GaaS are so important to them

Obscure_Observer92d ago


Just chill, dude. You´re trying too hard.

fewDankMemes92d ago

Don't worry.. Xbox is dead anyways. A 10 billion dollar margin in the gaming industry = dead, so you won't have to worry about commenting on Xbox related articles in the near future... Right.... Right????

Ninja_Ryu92d ago

I've heard them say this last generation.

darthv7291d ago

If they did make the bulk of that $$ from GaaS and other services, then expect Sony to follow suit come next gen. Cause you know how it goes... "anything you (MS) can do, I (Sony) can do better"

rainslacker91d ago

Its been well known for a while now that the GaaS model, MT, and added services are much more profitable than the methods that Sony has been using for a while now. While Sony isn't immune to using some of these business models, it hasn't slowed down their 1st party SP content in the least. In fact, Sony has more and better output than they've had in the entire history of PS.

So, why would Sony suddenly shift gears because MS reports 10 billion dollars? Sony is making more than that on gaming.

I can accept that Sony will make moves that will try to capitalize in more markets, but follow suit? That's a total shift in how they approach their PS business. Charging for online is one thing, but shifting their 1st party output to such a high degree is quite a big change, and likely would cause a lot of push back from their user base who has come to expect what they do from Sony. No one expects anything from MS, so they can do whatever they want. Its why they can show a bunch of 3rd party games at E3, and people are content. Sony can show 4 really high profile games in detail, and people say they had a bad E3. People just expect more.

Z50192d ago

Didn't Phil Harrison say something similar in 2013?

Why o why92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Apparently not. . On n4g it's framed like any scepticism must be by those who are salty fanboys right. . . Right.

Ultimately the proof is in the pudding. Xbox fans shouldn't get irked by the air of negativity which often follows ms speak. Maybe question why this speak is happening now or why wasn't the previous times this speak was spoken, followed through. . .

Let's hope they make good on their word and shy away from the Minecraft type investments and more their early 360 years type aggression and investments. Not saying the Minecraft deal wasn't shrewd, just it's not what their core want deep down if we're being honest.

candystop92d ago

Good job MS! I've been waiting a long time for news like this.

IRetrouk92d ago

They said the exact same thing at the start of this gen, didnt end up with much did we?

IRetrouk91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Hating? Im just telling the truth, 1 billion on first party content!!!! What we get? I supported the xbox one as soon as they removed kinect, other than a handfull of games its been a pretty low key gen for ms, i stopped listening to the pr crap years ago now because it usually ends up being either non existent or waaay overblown. Like it, dont, their words and their output speak for themselves.

TKCMuzzer92d ago

Not really, people have a choice, support this or go elsewhere and game. The only issue with this is, keep going on about investing heavily, people want to see a return for their support and I don't mean profit numbers.

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