Star Citizen's New Video Shows Environments and More; Crowdfunding passes 190 Million Dollars

Cloud Imperium Games shows off some spiffy battles in the alpha, and a sneak peak of the environment work being done for future releases.

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SatanSki87d ago

Don't insult Duke's developers. At least it was their money, which they thrown down the drain.

darkasuran88d ago

Is this game ever coming out? I keep seeing tech demos showing the environment, etc but no launch date 😥

Hungryalpaca88d ago

I’m starting to get frustrated. I backed it 4 years ago. Granted only $30 but still. I can play it now but it’s nowhere near done. They need a larger staff

tombfan88d ago

Warframe Is making more progress in becoming the interstellar game we all have wanted.

NewUser10188d ago

Blah blah scam blah blah ponzi scheme blah never coming out blah blah release date etc etc etc fanboys.

Sound about right?

uncleDAD88d ago

*insert scheme comment here*

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