Last Year's GOTY Was an Easy Call, This Year's Is Going to Be a Lot Harder

Twinfinite writes: Last year’s GOTY process was the most boring one I’ve ever been a part of professionally. As soon as Breath of the Wild reviews started pouring in, including ours, I knew that it was a wrap.

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PhoenixUp94d ago

No year will ever have a single easy GOTY winner

robtion94d ago

While I am a huge fan of the Witcher 3 it came out right around Bloodborne so no it was not an easy decision that year ;)

JesusBuiltmyHotrod94d ago

Bloodborne >Witcher if you care about mechanics/gameplay level design.

uptownsoul94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Either way, PS4 has had a GOTY nominee every year since 2015

(Bloodborne - 2015, UC4 - 2016, Persona 5 & Horizon - 2017…and this year will have at least God of War)

conanlifts93d ago

Bloodborne, while great, has a less broader appeal than Witcher 3. Not everyone likes dark soul type games. This is evident in the sales comparison between the 2. Witcher 3 sits around 33 million total sales with almost 50% on PS4, compared to around 3 million for bloodborne. So the broader appeal should get the win.

Lovable91d ago

Most overrated game ever.

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robtion94d ago

The author is right it was an easy decision. Horizon Zero Dawn was GOTY.

Harryvok94d ago

I know it is all subjective, but HZD was for me too. I got bored with Zelda after about 15 hours, but I couldn’t put HZD down because I loved the story so much and had to see what happened next. Of course it was also a beautiful game and had great combat.

rainslacker94d ago

It was mine just because it was the most impressive new ip this gen, and it was solid in every aspect. Botw was also good, but it wasn't as innovative or fresh as people.made it out to be, and the lack of depth in story and character development really was disappointing.

Sevir94d ago

It certainly was mine...

smashman9893d ago

Breath of the wild can't hear you from under all of its game of the year awards

Eltortugagames93d ago

I could never get to the point were I enjoyed the combat. Maybe I was doing it wrong. I just felt weak and like I had to run around and away so much

Shiken93d ago

I got the plat in Horizon in 50 hours. Breath of the Wild gave me 165 hours and I enjoyed every minute. Both are great, but for me Zelda was by far better, and deserves every award it recieved.

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SenorFartCushion94d ago

Except Breath of the Wild, obviously, because that was the first easy call in aboit a decade.

showtimefolks94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

To each their own I personally just never look at just review scores as I have had some great times with 7/10 and boring times from games which were praised

We all like different games

SuperSonic9194d ago (Edited 94d ago )

a shameless SOTC clone

Loadedklip93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Last year ... it did. Might not be your personal favorite but it won by a landslide from the majority.

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NecrumOddBoy94d ago

Breath of the Wild wasn't my GOTY last year. It was pure blind nostalgia and I don't understand why it took all the awards.

Opinionatedlovesme94d ago

Exactly it was just kids Witcher 3 with climbing lol

DrStronk94d ago

@Opinionatedlovesme And with a combat system that actually works.

cpayne9394d ago (Edited 94d ago )

And with puzzles and exploration that were actually fun.

SenorFartCushion94d ago

And magic, and a tense lonely feeling of dread that hangs over the player, and zero waypoint system holding your hand, and charming almost-lifeless npc characters, and the ability to complete the game whenever you want, and the engaging puzzles that came in bite size easy-to-digest pieces.

Loadedklip93d ago

This site is truly anti Nintendo. Even a post about how good their puzzles were gets dislikes. That's pretty insane if you are remotely unbiased.

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stupidusername94d ago

If you really wish to understand why it won, u could just look it up. There are tenfolds of professional and detailed videos explaining it. Though, you don’t have to agree with all the points, but you woul’d at least understand it.
Breath of the Wild was a GOTY in my opinion because U actually got to explore, something severely lacking in other open world games that reveal all the game’s content with map icons and instructions.

remixx11694d ago

It was just unique in a way that sold it so well.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod94d ago

you need to play more games...Souls games have nailed exploration way before Zelda did.

rainslacker94d ago

Most of those points seemed to be based on nostalgia though. The game really didn't offer up anything new on the open world genre, the combat wasn't anything new, the system for making stuff, coupled with weapons breakage was just broken and forced. There was practically no story.

It had good puzzles, and a nice world to explore, and what was there was executed very well...outside the.crafting. But if botw wasn't a Zelda game, it wouldn't have scored as high did.

pramath160594d ago

@rainslacker, those points are categorically not based on nostalgia. Most of the praise of BotW comes from the new things they did, and most criticism for BotW is founded in how different it is from other Zelda games.
You can't have it both ways.
The "If it wasn't Zelda, it wouldn't have scored so well" argument is bullshit. It scored well because it's a great game, and people loved it. It's time to just accept that and move on.

rainslacker93d ago

If it's being scored based on if it's the same or different than other Zelda games, doesn't that mean that it's inherently being scored from a nostalgic perspective of it being a Zelda game?

It was different than other Zelda games, but my point is, the things it got credit for, wouldn't have gotten as much praise in other games. Thus, the praise was that it was an advancement on Zelda, but that praise often left out the fact that it wasn't really an advancement on any established gaming elements that existed within the game. Everything in the game can be found elsewhere, either done just as well, if not better. Without a good story to back up the game, there was nothing there to really praise other than the execution of the game being solid.

Razzer93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

"If you really wish to understand why it won, u could just look it up. There are tenfolds of professional and detailed videos explaining it. Though, you don’t have to agree with all the points, but you woul’d at least understand it.
Breath of the Wild was a GOTY in my opinion because U actually got to explore, something severely lacking in other open world games that reveal all the game’s content with map icons and instructions. "

Don't have to. Played it. I think we all know that there are a ton of critics and youtubers out there that just gush over Zelda. Great. To me, the only thing worth playing was the shrines. They were pretty awesome. The weapon system was crap. The combat was horrible primarily because of the crap weapons. This cooking system for health, buffs, etc. was just annoying. The characters were lifeless and dull. The climbing mechanic was overhyped. I've had no problems exploring in other open world games and they at least give me a reason to explore. Not this game. So yeah, I think I understand all to well why I don't like Zelda.

"@rainslacker, those points are categorically not based on nostalgia. Most of the praise of BotW comes from the new things they did, and most criticism for BotW is founded in how different it is from other Zelda games.
You can't have it both ways."

rainslacker is right. And this highlights the problem. Botw gets praise for using common mechanics pulled from other games but since it is new to is suddenly praise worthy? lol....Zelda gets a pass because it is Zelda and that is all about nostalgia.

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Aceman1894d ago

Mine was Persona 5 from last year.

Why o why94d ago

Bruv. . . Last year was too much. Persona will stay etched in my memories forever

SenorFartCushion94d ago

Since when did the sun revolve around you?

Aceman1894d ago (Edited 94d ago )


Take your ninty/zelda fanboy crap somewhere else buddy. I'm not caught up in the nostalgia like you and others lol.

Besides my GOTY looked like this

1 Persona 5
2 Horizon/Zelda

Here does this make you feel any better?

Razzer93d ago

"Since when did the sun revolve around you? "

or you? lol

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Hylian1094d ago (Edited 94d ago )

seems like someone still butthurt over BotW winning GOTY.

kevnb94d ago

I really don’t think you played it.

ShadowWolf71294d ago

I played it.

It's disgustingly overrated, and the fact that people will actually have a more violent reaction toward criticism of that game than they will over someone personally attacking their own family is lowkey kind scary.

NecrumOddBoy94d ago

I played the game and clocked about 150hrs in it. I explored everything, I got all kinds of weapons and items and maxed out a majority of all my stuff to include hearts and stamina. I collected all the memories and beat Ganon twice. It's an ok game eith a few great features.

It does what who be soft games does except people call it Innovative when it doesn't give you a map. It's not Innovative to lack a feature. The fact that breath of the wild never received any of the criticism that any other open world game gets even though it does the tropes beat for me or worse. I just don't understand how somebody can say the game is truly about exploration when you explore and then come to find out there's nothing worth getting at the top of that mountain that you spent an hour trying to climb, but a cheap Rusty sword that breaks into hits. There's nearly a thousand seeds to find what you get nothing good for it. There's no Triforce, no deep story, no characters you run into with any interesting Tails, no side quest that is anything more than fetching fruit or something mediocre.

All the puzzles that you solve are all inclusive with that room. It's not like you have to come back with a special weapon or find something unique to solve a puzzle. There are a few unbar mental puzzles that are creative but they don't hold a candle to what the witness did.

There was a really cool fly around fight a dragon scene and I thought that would have been a really neat side quest. I completed it and got like a thousand rupees or something. Nothing in the game is worth getting.

The way the game truly is is it's one giant open world map that you walk around and do tiny puzzle challenges that are the equivalent of iPhone games. In a phone game you solve a simple puzzle and collect coins. You learn a little hammer or a bomb or something to help you collect more coins. And you keep doing this mundane repetitive tasks over and over again with the illusion that you're going to learn something rewarding That Never Comes. That is what the new Zelda game is. It is not a rich story with a lot of lore. It's a giant open world physics-based map with nothing to earn and no rewards to claim.

The game has for repetitive bosses that are all the same enemy but with a different element type. Gannon is a joke.

The more and more I think about it it's really sad that this is what people want the new standards to be. The Wind Waker was a compartmentalised open-world Zelda game with collecting things and puzzles to solve very similar to this. There was a rich story and there was lore great bosses to fight. It was an amazing game. Breath of the Wild is a water down version of almost every but they take the map icon off so you got to spend 50 more hours walking around blindly. Not innovative. People are just start for Zelda and they jumped all over this because let me tell you. Skyward Sword was a completely different game and also received perfect scores and a 10 out of 10 from IGN. So I'll tell you it's the name that sells the product definitely not the content.

kevnb94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

@NecrumOddBoy I dont even know what game you are talking about at this point... or why you would clock 150 hours into it if thats how you felt @ShadowWolf712 just because you didnt like it for whatever reason doesnt mean its overrated, the world doesnt revolve around you. Heck there are plenty of well loved games I dont like, its usually because they do things well that I dont really care about in games.

RememberThe35793d ago

Wtf is up with this "the world does revolve around you" bs? As a matter of perspective it actually does. But what's the point of sharing opinions and experiences if your reponse is to nullify the concept of opinions in general?

kevnb93d ago

@rememberThe357 When your opinion consists of everyone else is wrong, it’s appropriate.

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gammaray1394d ago

i agree with you, it was way over rated

InKnight7s94d ago

I remember when that poor re iewer got attacked and his site got ddos attack for saying this.

BoTW isn't a bad game in any means but far from being 17 GOTY, because Persona 5 and Horizon were much better in everything.

goldwyncq94d ago

That's your opinion and you're entitled to it, but the majority of game reviewers who played BoTW would disagree with you.

Muzikguy94d ago

This writer and all those reviewers had an opinion saying BoTW was GOTY. Still it’s just an opinion from them as well

kevnb94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Persona 5 isnt the same at all and is very niche. Horizon was excellent but there are many things botw did much better than it.

riibhu94d ago

For all the negative points in the reviews of most ubisoft games get for being empty open worlds I was surprised when every reviewer conveniently forgot to mention the empty open world of BOTW.
BOTW was definitely a good game but far from being a GOTY.
Divinity original sin 2(had the best sandbox RPG gameplay mechanics ever)was my GOTY and was seriously underrated when it came to any award show.

SenorFartCushion94d ago

Or you like your ps4 more than your Switch.

Muzikguy94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

And? That doesn’t seem like anything worthy of getting hostile about. People are entitled to like different things.

pramath160594d ago

@Muzikguy, where was SenorFartCushion hostile about anything?
What about the people that get hostile about otheras liking Zelda, calling it "blind nostalgia" and all that?

Muzikguy94d ago


He’s basing his argument off an idea that they like PS4 better than the Switch. He’s claiming he’s played the game and everything, but wouldn’t call it GOTY. People need to stop trying to discredit others just because they think differently. It’s not wrong and all these are just opinions anyway. I also feel that the Zelda thing had nostalgia on its side. That series tends to because it’s not milked like so many others.

pramath160594d ago

I don't think the nostalgia argument applies to Zelda. Do you think it also applies to Metal Gear, GTA, Naughty Dog, and even God of War?

rainslacker93d ago

If Horizon were on Switch, and Zelda were on PS4, then I'd still feel the same way. Unfortunately, its impossible to have any conversation about the pros and cons of BOTW, because any criticism is seen as an attack, and it seems that no one who really likes it can accept that the game is flawed.

It's fine if people feel it was their GOTW. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I've seen quite a few people who very explicitely give their reasons with examples to show they've played it, yet they get no discussion about their arguments....they just get, "You're a fan boy".

Is this because someone who liked the game can't actually counter the argument with equally relevant explanation and examples? Is this because their preference for the Switch won't allow them to accept that the game is not as good as some of the other open world games out there?

I'm sorry, but when the CDi version of Zelda had a better story than a current gen, open world, fully AAA version of Zelda, there is a problem. Zelda hasn't had such a cursory story in the main series(excluding spinoffs) since the original game on the NES.

FFXIII got panned for having a poor story. Zelda's story wasn't as good as FFXIII. No matter one's console preference, there is no way anyone can say that Zelda's was better and be taken seriously. Or is BOTW one of those games where you have to use your imagination and make your own experiences like Sea of Thieves?

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Shineon94d ago

I said this and got downvoted last year now yall see it

pramath160594d ago

You're still getting downvoted this year :)

-Foxtrot94d ago

Take Zelda away from that game and it wouldn’t have gotten GOTY

pramath160594d ago

"If it was called Belda, no one would care", fucking lol

Dixiedevil94d ago

I’ve got about 25 hours into it and have zero desire to keep playing. It’s the first Zelda game I didn’t like. The breaking weapons, lack of good weapons, boring slogs from place to place. I think is one of the most overrated games in a long time.

Silly gameAr94d ago

Yeah, it wasn't really as good as people made it out to be. To be honest, I couldn't finish the rest of the game because I lost interest. Might go back to it one day soon when I knock out my backlog a bit.

rainslacker93d ago

I played for quite a while and enjoyed my time with it. Got through the story, and did a bunch of the side stuff and collectible stuff. But after a while, I just found myself doing the same thing over and over, and while the shrines were good, I didn't feel like working for it anymore. World was fun to explore, but only for so long. It's probably because there wasn't a whole lot of reason to do any of that stuff after a while. You basically go from having to do a bunch of stuff to keep playing, to a point where it's all pointless and offers no actual progression of worth. Its like getting to level 99 on a Final Fantasy game. Most of the game is pointless at that point. But at least with FF, there is stuff that can still be challenging and fun to do. About all Zelda offered after a certain point is the shrines.

I've found myself slogging through games I grew bored with just to get the platinum on them, but would stop for a game I really wasn't enjoying anymore. If Switch had trophies, and it required a 100% of everything, I certainly wouldn't have bothered trying to get them all.

Gr8saiyaman8894d ago

Oops, accidentally hit an Upvote first and felt like a sony pony for a sec!

Silly gameAr94d ago

Sounds like your problem, not mine.