Could a PS Vita 2 work as a companion to the PS5?

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Should Sony release a new handheld as a companion for the upcoming PS5 similar to the relationship between the PS4 and the PS Vita?

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PhoenixUp89d ago

Nope, a handheld should be able to stand on its own

Plus a third PlayStation handheld would have a tough time having a huge selling point

Eidolon88d ago

I would buy it just for ports and indies and better remote play.

Eidolon88d ago

They just take a chance and support it help bring in games.

jukins88d ago

if it supported what vita supported as well as ps5 and unique ps vita 2 games it possibly could survive but unless they could somehow include it ps5 and not just blatantly copy the switch i dont see it working

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SickSinceSix88d ago

Even if it's good, people will be reluctant to buy at first because of how they treated the Vita. Even without proprietary memory cards and with a good selection of games announced plus full backwards compatibility with the Vita digital titles, I'd still be cautious and hold off for a couple years to see if it could keep it's momentum before buying it.

Muzikguy88d ago

If Sony would support it, I’d probably get one. I’ve never had a PSP, or Vita but it might be nice to have one.

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The story is too old to be commented.