Streaming That Frees High-End Games From Requiring High-End Hardware Is The Next Big Thing

Top game industry execs are universally positive about the prospect of streaming services for games and believe they can expand the audience.

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Razzer181d ago

"The games created for those 200 million machines will soon be accessible to the two billion."

Why does my gut tell me that the quality of gaming is going to take a major nosedive when this happens? Probably because those 2 billion currently believe games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush are the pinnacle of gaming.

Muzikguy180d ago

Quality will definitely take a nosedive. I’m not for this future of theirs at all. When it happens, they won’t be getting my money anymore

fiveby9180d ago

There will still be a market for high-end gaming. It's hard to believe a one size fits all strategy is what we are doomed to suffer. We don't have one size fits all automobiles. But still, I do see your concern. The catering to "filthy casuals" may be good to expand the market to nontraditional gamers could have a negative impact on companies wanting to invest in the high end. It feels like that is where EA is headed with the recent announcement of C&C Rivals. Mobile gaming or loot box ridden games are not what I care for.

ImportGamer3004180d ago

Due to the growing greed of many of these gaming companies i've gotten far pickier about what modern games i buy and as it is i've been buying more retro games nowadays instead. Instead of my list of anticipated releases being a big number it has gone down considerably in the past 6 months compared to last year with all the amazing games released on PS4.

battlegrog180d ago

Clearly you have not tried nvidas gforce now game streaming service. It shows the potential and the pure facts of how clear it is that gaming is indeed going to be main stream game streaming in the next few years. Just like movies and music. Ive been going on and on about it but some people just cant get over the past. Also MS is going to be the first company to build a cloud gaming structure in home service at a massive level.They have like the most amount of servers around the world and some of the best infrastructure. Any other company that has tried to do it was only simply using someone else servers.

Razzer180d ago

Clearly you didn’t read what I said. Didn’t say a thing about the validity of the technology. I’m talking about the transformation of the target audience for these publishers and a paradigm shift in the type of games that are made for this new, expanded or “mainstream”, as you say, group of gamers. Go on and on then. Let me when it comes around how you like playing a 4K version of Tiny Wings.

rainslacker180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Next few years is being extremely generous.

Streaming videos are already clogging up the internet bandwidth, and ISP's are desperately trying to get it back, or make more money off it. You throw in a couple billion gamers, and there simply isn't enough bandwidth. The governments of the world decide how much of that bandwidth is allowed to be used for certain in the total bandwidth of the internet. Doesn't matter if these ISP's upgrade their own lines, the backbone isn't ready, and won't be anytime soon.

And no, MS won't be the first to build a massive streaming service. Sony has already done that. The number of servers they have is irrelevant, because it's not like all those servers will be used for gaming. If they were, then they'd need a lot more servers to handle a couple billion people. They'd need more to even handle the 140 million gamers that exist on consoles now. Azure is certainly a capable server network, but consider the amount of information that is being processed in games. Constant and heavy calculations. It's not like business software that only runs in spurts.

PhoenixUp181d ago

I don’t see that happening. Gaming as it is now is more accessible for people who don’t always have the internet and unlimited data plans.

Palitera180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Also permanent input lag.

SierraGuy180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Just thinking about the input lag on these "high end" games with regards to online multiplayer makes me sick to my stomach.

Replace load times with buffering.

crazyCoconuts180d ago

If next big thing is 5 years or so away then maybe. Current mobile and public WiFi bandwidth and reliability will keep this from becoming mainstream for the time being.

Sgt_Slaughter180d ago

Please, stop. I don't like how people are starting to shove online only/streaming down everyone's throats when national/worldwide infrastructures aren't universally stable enough, let along the negative effect of digital and the input lag streaming creates.

ImportGamer3004180d ago

agreed, and i'm tired of the online only thing myself personally. IN reality i mainly play singleplayer games exclusively above all else. I don't give a damn about games like Overwatch which is overrated as hell.

awdevoftw180d ago

If it happens, good bye gaming. I had a great time.

rainslacker180d ago

I'm not against streaming. PSNow worked fine for me.

But if it goes all streaming, I'll likely not pay into new games, except maybe on a service like Game Pass, although I doubt we'll see tons of AAA games on a service like that.

I'd feel the same about all digital, although for that, I could easily just wait for them to go on sale, although those sales will take longer to come around.

On the plus side, if this happens, I can catch up on my massive back log. Maybe....

awdevoftw180d ago

What I meant was, as an option, fine. If I can still get games as a physical media, cool. If it was the only way to play games though, then I would not participate any longer. Digital as well. If that is the only option, then that is no option. Games have been turned off with no regard for the money invested into them by the consumer. Maybe some have that disposable income, but I dont want to waste money like that.

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