GamePlasma: Defendin De Penguin Review

Defendin' De Penguin is an interesting addition to the real time strategy genre even if it's very basic. For the kids, parents will have a fun time working to defend Little Blue's village from the hungry animals looking to take away his food. The one little penguin that you'll be moving on the map helps moves things along faster and can be used as a guide to teach children the various aspects of Antarctic.

Defendin' De Penguin is your basic Wii title that you see thrown out on the store shelves these days that comes with a $49.99 price tag. If you can find it on discount, then this title would be worth the price. However, there is one thing to be warned about, don't expect much depth in controls or story, it's what Defendin' De Penguin lacks in this respect and might do well with a sequel.

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