Microsoft should give up on Xbox One and focus on next gen

Steve C talks about why he thinks that Microsoft should give up on the Xbox One and put all their efforts and resources into the system's successor

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King_Lothric89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Despite all efforts and all strategies executed, Microsoft was unable to change the fate of Xbox this gen. They should start focusing on next Gen.

It is a good point of interest to see that in contrast, when Sony was destroyed last Gen with the PS3, they did managed to resurrect their console and turn the tides. They produced many amazing exclusives games and the gem 💎 The Last of Us.

AspiringProGenji89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

It is what they always do: Focus on the next when they lose and try to be first. I really like Sony's long term support and comeback with the PS3. I want to play games on my current gen console, not next gen speculations

Ninja_Ryu88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Lol, not next gen speculations.If they focus on next gen that will suck for people that invested in the One X it has only been out for 8 months

xX-oldboy-Xx88d ago

Ninja - I can see the x being supported as well next gen, just not the one s.

NXFather88d ago

So you are saying that Sony is not partitioning enouch of your money already. Your a baller and you got enough time for all them Sony games and for Microsoft to turn speculation into reality. Must be nice bro.

Mulando87d ago

which long term support? They let the PS3 die quite fast as soon as the PS4 was out.
Yes there was GT6 … but well nothing really after that. Also they were quick on shutting down PS3-game servers.
I really hope the PS4 gets a longer "long term support" than the PS3. Even the PS2 was supported far longer than the PS3.

AspiringProGenji87d ago


Wrong! Thhe Ps3 got support for more than 8 years of its ligespan. It even got Persona5 like 2 years ago. What I meant with longterm support was that Sony doesn’t quickly abandon current gen for the next , unlike MS

Chris_GTR187d ago

yea... im not really even sure i want a next gen xbox either, not really interested in playing gears 6 , halo 9 , forza 11

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candystop88d ago

To be fair MS was also releasing great games for the 1st half of last gen so both companies lacked at one point. Rrod was the nail in there coffin. Just now MS seems to be getting back in order which is why I believe it's time to move on and do it all over again the way it should of been done at 1st.

Godmars29088d ago

RROD was the start of the gen! It was that after the 360 recovered, more thank to MS's want to dominate the market and having the money to throw after and fix the bad, they then got lazy. Expected games to come to them while dictating terms of what kind of games came to them, a mentality that lead to the original XB1.

Z50188d ago

To also be fair. Sony starts every gen slow. Think about it.

Muzikguy87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

With that mindset I wouldn’t be giving MS any money when they can just stop all of a sudden instead of focusing on what they have now. Might as well play their games on PC and not worry if they move forward or not

starsi36088d ago

The xbox hasn’t had a ‘fate’ in a negative sense.

The xbox hasn’t come close to the success of the PS4, it’s true. But it has still sold tens of millions of units and many people including myself enjoy playing games on it daily.

They don’t necessarily need to beat the competition to be relevant. They just need to be profitable in their own right, and have people who want to buy their products.

Just be happy that there are options! It keeps them all on their toes trying to please the customers :)

Cobra95187d ago

They are extremely profitable in their own right. Unfortunately, they left me and others behind when they shifted focus to games as a service, and the whole social thing. I'm just not into that.

Eonjay88d ago

But abandoning the folks who did invest in and Xbox One is NOT a good strategy. Sony picked up the pieces of the PS3 and keep delivering for the people who bought it. That is how you win. It is much easier to secure trust in the here and now than to promise tomorrow. Consistency is key here.

NXFather88d ago

Where are these games that they did not work from supposed to magically come from RIGHT NOW hahaha?!

Godmars29088d ago

"Despite all efforts and all strategies executed,"

You mean after abandoning always online and media policies that essentially abandoned/ignored/exploited the console's core user base and hung an albatross around it? Then tried to compensate by offering a more powerful version of the system while focusing even less on game development. Are now promising games likely to be "community" and serviced based again ignoring single player - otherwise know as product?

Wit that know of thinking I don't know how MS seems to keep failing. They should - finally! - follow Sony's example and just make games, which is what Sony has always done, but that's doubtful.

rainslacker88d ago

They pretty much have. They'll release some games until the next system comes out, and keep up the feature implementation, but they haven't done much with the X1 for the past couple years now in terms of game software support, and seem content on just making money off services, and 3rd party publisher licensing fees.

NeoGamer23288d ago

Yesterday it was announced that XB brought in $10 bln in revenue.

Not much reason to jump to next gen yet.

Muzikguy87d ago

Wait a minute. I thought MS had great YOY growth. Why should they all of a sudden focus on next gen? I’m sure they’re working on it already anyway but they shouldn’t stop delivering now. If I were a fan of them I would’ve already been mad that they did that last gen. They shouldn’t do it a second time. That would be stupid.

Also, Sony wasn’t destroyed last gen.

ChrisW87d ago

I honestly think that the PC should give up on this gen and start focusing on the next gen...

See how stupid my argument is? Yet how much better it is that yours?!?

sinspirit87d ago

Sony was never "Destroyed" last gen. The public perception certainly tried to anti-hype the PS3 while praising 360 whenever it could, because the US gaming media were pandering to what they thought was the trend.

It did launch at an expensive $500 - $600. It still included wifi(which cost $100 to add to the 360), free online(saved $50 a year), a hard drive with every model($100), a Bluray player while the cheapest ones were $2,000, and released 16 months after the competition. They outsold the 360 every single year in consumer sales. Microsoft has always reported sales to retailers while the competition reports actual sales to consumers.

It may have taken the whole generation for PS3 consumer sales to reach XBox retailer sales, but it didn't have a mass amount of faithful fans rushing out to buy a new 360 when theirs broke, or in fear of their current unit dying so they'd buy a replacement when the newer model came out, even though it took a couple models till they fixed the actual issue, so those ones failed as well.

nucky6487d ago

"when sony was destroyed last gen with ps3" - really, king lothric? are you living in some alternate universe? ps3 did very well last gen.

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n1kki687d ago

What next gen. There are no gens. Backwards compat is back and we are getting itterative releases of hardware.

Christopher87d ago

Hardware determines the generation for consoles, not the games. At some point, there needs to be a hardware that utilizes a different CPU and GPU and that will determine the next generation of hardware. It will likely utilize software emulation to support BC, otherwise it won't support BC on a new CPU.

brettnll89d ago

I honestly wish that the XBO X was ‘next gen’ console. What is going to be different with the next platform besides it being more powerful?

Majin-vegeta89d ago

If they would have done that.It would have been more damage than good for their image

Lennoxb6388d ago

There will be features on the next Xbox that won’t be a available on the One X. At least not initially.

Obscure_Observer88d ago


"What is going to be different with the next platform besides it being more powerful?"

Same thing as the PS4 Pro and PS5?

2ton20one88d ago

The xbox one x will be the base model for next gen

NXFather88d ago

Nah because jaguar cpu is not a good cpu to start that model with. Maybe this one coming up though.

Z50188d ago

Remember, the X won't have exclusives. "No gamer left behind"

starsi36088d ago

We need to forget console gaming in the old sense. Now the platforms will evolve and the hardware get more powerful ... but run the same games, scaled to the hardware.

PS4, PS4 PRO, PS5 ... it’s just going to keep upgrading incrementally like you do with iPhones. And eventually if your box is quite a few years old it won’t play the latest games all that well.

rainslacker88d ago

So we have a future of lowest common denominators?

starsi36088d ago (Edited 88d ago )


Yep. I’m not saying it sounds ideal... but we have little choice but to wait and see. The roadmap will have already been well and truly laid out behind closed doors at Sony & MS HQ, long ago. Interesting to see what happens

bolimekurac88d ago

phil mentioned that and said he wants scarlet to be better in different ways not just more power which it will obviously be

n1kki687d ago

Nothing. Amd thats been the case since the beginning of time. They wouldnlike out previous gen games and use it to lush harware and software sales. Sony changed that when they introduced backwards compatibility.

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Kavorklestein89d ago

They already have started focusing on it...
5 new studios?
All those games are gonna be Cross gen/Next gen.
They already talked about the new console(s) coming and new Features in the Future.
MS made some mis-steps which led to Low sales throughout the Generation, but they are the ones Innovating the most thru this Gen and adding features... they had no choice but to innovate.
In My opinion, sales don't always reflect All aspects of a Company's growth.

I think we need to remember, Exclusive games help sell a system, but that's not the end all be-all of a companies' future and innovation.

AspiringProGenji89d ago

A company can do both Innovate and deliver exclusives. No escuses! Sony has had all of that covered this gen and that’s why they are on top.

Kavorklestein89d ago

A company SHOULD do both.
Nobody does both tho really....
I agree, there should be no excuses....

Sony has Exclusives, but, I think they are WAY behind MS as far as the Platform, innovation, features etc..

Sony is on top because of their exclusives. But I feel They took a step back in features this gen.
For example, they now charge to play online (unless free to play) which they did not require last gen when the technology would have been more expensive to launch and maintain etc... (makes no sense) and Removed backward compatibility which was a staple of Sony since the PS2.
They instead added ULTRA limited BC, behind a PS2 "up-rez and Trophy support" Paywall.

Exclusives really matter in regards to sales, and They have delivered on that front and continue to deliver.
They are the BEST in that Regard. Sony is 1st in Exclusives, Nintendo is 2nd, and MS is dead last.

Innovation tho?

MS is 1st, Sony is second, and Nintendo is dead last as far as innovation and features.

"Use your cell phone in order to have party chat!"
"NO way of transferring Wii or Wii U shop purchases to Switch!"
You simply give accounts a Free license for _____________ game when you launch it on the new platform, and licenses are based on the Console the previous license was installed to! Not hard!
Money Grubbers should cut us a break.

Lennoxb6388d ago (Edited 88d ago )

I wouldn’t say that Sony has innovation covered this gen. But as far as exclusives go, absolutely.

NXFather88d ago

You sure like to beat a dead horse huh!

sinspirit87d ago (Edited 87d ago )


MS has the least amount of innovation. They literally only attempt innovation based on new ways to make more income rather than what would be deemed practical, enjoyable, and a no-brainer for XBox consumers to want.

Backwards compatibility is not innovation. It's kinda the opposite, really. It's a feature to play old games. Not new and creative. It's a great feature but it's not why people buy a new product. Sony isn't opposed to backwards compatibility. The PS3 got rid of the feature because it needed a price drop. They packed everything into the console, including a chip specifically to play PS2 titles without heavy emulation. The PS4 is simply far different hardware to emulate a PS3. Even the most high end PC's still can't emulate a PS3 properly, or with a frame rate above 5 fps.

And, for those wanting to play PS1 or PS2, it's very likely that people that care enough to still do so have turned to PC ages ago.

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The_Hooligan88d ago

I agree with you on that. I believe next gen Xbox will have more exclusives than current gen with acquiring 5 studios. I also believe Sony will have more features next gen than the current gen because they are on a perfect cycle of releasing 3-4 exclusive thought the year every year so hopefully BC and Cross-play will be present on PS5.

So Microsoft with features + more games and Sony with more features + games = Happy gaming for everyone.

And personally I know a lot of PS4 owners don't care for cross-play and BC but this PS4 owner does. I mean I would love to increase the longevity of a game that I have bought by playing with millions of other players online, and having a huge backlog, it would be awesome if PS5 allowed me to play PS4 games. But that is just my opinion.

Happy gaming everyone!!

cell98988d ago

Company growth? It’s been 18 years and they’re still 3rd place

NXFather88d ago

Answer my absolute logic liar and when you act like you don't know what I am talking about that is all I will need for the win. So go ahead with the what the heck are you talking about crazy reply.

NXFather88d ago

Only in reality though. You didn't say that though.(Laughs)

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PhoenixUp89d ago

Microsoft severely dropped first party support for Xbox 360 in its latter years to focus on Xbox One and look how that turned out.

Abandoning a console isn’t going to solve all issues, and will just further alienate your fan base if the follow up doesn’t exceed expectations like Switch.

“The Xbox 360 went on to become the most popular console of the seventh generation.”

Selling the least amount of consoles globally that gen is proof of being the most popular?

MatrixxGT88d ago

Not worldwide but in NA it was for sure more popular and well known even to people who didn’t play videogames. Maybe that’s what they meant? Not sure but what I do know is MS needs to make next Xbox not so reliant on a network connection for every damn thing on the system. I live in a shitty area for internet and it’s much easier using my ps4. I can still track my trophies, I can record, edit and watch my game videos and screen shots, I can change my theme and wallpaper, I can play any game I want even if I don’t have the latest update or while the update is downloading wich may take a very long time. All without putting my ps4 into a separate “offline mode” like XB1.
I understand they want people connected and digital future and all that shit but if Sony can pull it off surely they can too but they won’t because or their corporate greed.

Z50188d ago

"more popular and well known even to peope who didn't play videgames"
That literally describes the Wii.

gamersday0887d ago

"I live in a shitty area for internet and it’s much easier using my ps4. I can still track my trophies, I can record, edit and watch my game videos and screen shots, I can change my theme and wallpaper, I can play any game I want even if I don’t have the latest update or while the update is downloading wich may take a very long time. All without putting my ps4 into a separate “offline mode” like XB1"

I didn't know this. Another reason why ps4 is better than flapbox. Good info.