No Man's Sky Now Available For Pre-Order On Xbox One

No Man’s Sky is finally up for pre-order on the Xbox One, and it can be bought for a price of 49.99$.

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TheUndertaker8591d ago (Edited 91d ago )

A little surprising seeing as the PS4 version on the PlayStation Store is $59.99

$59.99 on Steam as well.

Aenea91d ago

Which is very surprising since only a few months ago it was like $15 I believe...

TheUndertaker8590d ago (Edited 90d ago )

If I click that link right now, this minute, with both sources being official and pulling a price tag of $59.99, yet at the same time I can go to another official outlet and find a $49.99 price, where does $15 come into play?

And if an individual can save $10 why would they not do so if they can exercise the option?

As I recall also No Man’s Sky didn’t launch in the state that it’s even in now and still carried a $59.99 price tag. So if I were a buyer on PS4 or Steam at this point I’d be wondering why I paid more for what essentially was a messed up beta yet Microsoft is going to get a more complete product with a lower price tag, less bugs, and effectively more bang for their buck.

-T9X-69-91d ago

That's 100% normal for digital versions. The game never got an official price cut and digital title prices don't usually deflate over time like physical copies, but it does go on sale very frequently. Skyrim would jump back to $59.99 (MSRP is $39.99 now I believe) right after being on sale for $4.99. I somehow didn't grab Helldivers from PS+ and when I checked the PS Store it was $39.99. Meanwhile for the past 2 weeks it was on sale for $7.99 and now jumped back up to $39.99.

TheUndertaker8590d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Ok but that doesn’t actually address this particular instance.

If the price tag for the digital version of No Man’s Sky is starting at $49.99 effectively making that MSRP (As it’s not a sale situation but a marked preorder price) on Microsoft platforms why is the same digital version $59.99 on Steam and PSN?

Yet when the title launched it was missing quite a bit of content and still carried the $59.99 price tag?

What I’m saying is if that’s “100% normal” then would it not effectively cost less to game on a Microsoft system? That’s a $10 split on a normal price, not sale price.

Developers and publishers also determine pricing, do they not? So wouldn’t that also mean that the developers and publishers charged and still charge more on not one but two outlets? Then they’d have decided that the game in its original state, incomplete, would be worth more to owners of certain platforms versus a more complete Microsoft version.

-T9X-69-90d ago

Well No Mans Sky is a brand new product for that system. So the MSPR from 2 years ago isn't going to apply today. Also this only applies to the digital version. All the common game stores (Best Buy, GameStop etc) a new copy of NMS for PS4 is $19.99. The issue in regards to the digital version might be one of two things; Sony/Valve have no interest in lowering the price on their platforms or they will update the price to $49.99 when not on sale since pre-orders for Xbox just went live. The latter is my guess.

Aenea90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

"where does $15 come into play?"

That a mere month ago it was $15 and would contain the exact same content as it will be now (or next week)?

Oddly enough, on Steam here in EU it's €54.99 and on the EU PSN store it's €39.99 (which is about $46 and INCLUDES VAT!)

Edit: and in the EU Xbox store it's €49.99

These prices are weird!

SinisterKieran91d ago its not a free upgrade?

Aenea91d ago

Yes it is...

But Xbox never had it before...

SinisterKieran88d ago

yeah sorry, i was being an idiot.

drpepperdude91d ago

Now put the digital version on Amazon and the world will be at peace.