Dark Souls Remastered is bar none the ultimate version of Dark Souls | Entertainium

"While it’s still rather amusing to notice a few blemishes here and there when it comes to the reworked textures that in my memory looked quite fine in Prepare to Die Edition, it’s no stretch to claim that Dark Souls Remastered is the version of the game that fans have been waiting for, running at full resolution (scalable to 4K) and at 60 fps." - Eduardo Reboucas, Entertainium

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Harryvok93d ago

Sure it ran much better, but with the more powerful hardware, so it should. It was a pretty low level remaster. The textures were still absolutely awful. It really felt like just a resolution/performance boost and nothing else. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy it (I’m a fair way through), but the ‘remaster’ seemed quite lazy. I wanted fully redone HD textures as a minimum.

Vegamyster93d ago

I don't think it was just the hardware, the original game ran like crap on good modern PC's after DSfix as well. They definitely went in and fixed whatever was causing problems, sucks some of the textures are still dated but they did a fantastic job on the particle effects.

Harryvok93d ago

Was definitely an improvement, just really cried out for fully remastered textures. Most of them still look like terrible blocky messes.

CrimsonWing6993d ago

I dunno, aside from a much better frame rate it’s the exact same game. I mean for a remaster I wasn’t really impressed. There’s still hella jank in it, but I mean it’s Dark Souls, ya gotta love it.

ILikeGamesYeah93d ago

Would be insane if a remaster was worse. I just didn't see the point and DS is my favourite game.

BlaqMagiq192d ago

The game runs and looks much better which I love, but it's missing a lot of QoL improvements from Dark Souls 3. I enjoy DSR but there were missed opportunities with this remaster.