Fortnite microtransactions are a total rip off designed to take advantage of consumers

Fortnite Battle Royale is an absolute worldwide phenomenon. Sometimes it feels like there isn't anyone playing anything else. As it's free to play it needs to monetize somehow. It utilizes a season pass system as well as purchasable cosmetics. "58.9% of players who have spent money in game have purchased cosmetics." The writer claims that those cosmetics are overpriced.

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Sonyslave3117d ago

Hey it their money let them wasted it

adamllewellynTLG117d ago

I agree but it's still an interesting discussion. I think for the next few years we're going to see developers try numerous ways to monetize MTX and Fortnite have been hit and miss with theirs so far.

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Prettygoodgamer116d ago

It's a free to play game they can basically charge what ever they want really.

nowitzki2004116d ago

They should be able to charge whatever the want anyways, free or not.. its their game.. But I will choose to not be dumb and buy into any of this nonsense. I blame people more than devs for MT, You dont have to buy it and if you do they will look for more ways to add more MT.

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KyRo116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

It's a free game that doesn't force you to buy anything. No pay to win rubbish, just simply skins and emotes. Are some of the top tier skins overpriced? Most definitely but that ain't taking advantage of the consumer. It's like anything else in the world. If you have the money and you want it you can buy it. It's simply a option.

People are doing anything to try and shit on Fortnite for a few clicks these days but these articles always come across as desperate.

adamllewellynTLG116d ago

I love Fortnite. I say it in the article! I cover it so much and always make it clear that I think Epic have done a fantastic job. That doesn't mean it isn't open to criticism though!

rainslacker115d ago

People have different ideas about what things are worth. Some people are fine paying it. Others may see it as overpriced and simply not buy it and move on. Still others want to act like their hands are being forced, and that Epic is somehow decieving them and being anti-consumer because they won't charge what they personally would be willing to pay.

GameStop has this happen to them all the time. People apparently have no restraint, or don't like what they charge or give for used games, and suddenly, GameStop is evil and doing things against these people who personally decided to shop there, decided to buy from them or decided to sell their games to them. It's their decision, but apparently, it's the company that's the problem....not people's own lack of self control.

But in this, and many other things, people simply extend their own dislike of the price, as that what they're seeing is totally worthless and anyone who pays into is is somehow stupid or wasting their money.

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jjb1981116d ago

MMOs have been doing this for years. You don't have to buy anything and they don't have to make cosmetics. Its simple really.

KwietStorm116d ago

Pretty much. It's just another article riding the Fortnite wave.

adamllewellynTLG116d ago

Yeah but in comparison to MMOs Fortnite's transactions offer terrible value. Of course they're optional and that's great and I love that Epic have avoided any bullshit pay to win mechanics but that doesn't mean they're offering any kind of value.

JackBNimble115d ago

There will always be no value in cosmetic MT's. It's a free to play game funded by the people who choose to buy MT's.

Frinker116d ago

I bought the tiger parachute in PUBG and I'm proud of it

DrStronk116d ago

I thought that was the entire point of microtransactions to begin with.

Razmiran116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Its cosmetic microtransactions on a free to play game, dont buy them

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