IGN: Prince of Persia Classic Hands-On

In 1989, Jordan Mechner released an adventure classic that challenged a player's reflexes and puzzle solving abilities. Prince of Persia set a real-time challenge of one hour to save a princess and defeat an evil Vizier, and apart from inspiring a number of other platformers and adventure titles, spawned an extremely popular franchise.

Last year, a remake of the original title was released to acclaim on the Xbox 360, and soon, Prince of Persia Classic will be released on the PSN. IGN managed to get their hands on a preview build of the game to get a sense of how The Prince's adventure will play on the PS3.

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Lucreto3747d ago

Cool I will look forward to this. I have played them in the original form but hopefully they won't be as tough like the original.

Any word of Trophies?