How Gaming Helped my Mental Health

My name is Jordan and for my first piece I wanted to write a bit about how gaming and the Nintendo Switch has helped my mental health for the better.

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mrdeli117d ago

I too believe that videogames have some effects on mental health that are positive. There's usually a lot of talk about the negative but alot of highly creative people I know all use gaming as a stress release / enjoyable pastime. Videogames become negative when you spend too much time playing them to the detriment of work/health/school/relationshi ps. I think you're very brave to speak about your struggles with mental health and wish you the best.

Fist4achin117d ago

Definitely can alleviate some stresses and pull you away for a moment. A sort of escapism.

Although, there are some parts in games that bring you to the point of wanting to Chuck your controller across the room as well...