Xbox One Copies of Sonic Mania Plus on Amazon Shipped Without Reversible Cover

Sonic Mania major marketing campaign was to showcase the game in a retro light, with the collector's edition of original game including retro-themed items such as Sonic Statue on a Genesis console and a Sonic Mania cartridge. The release of Sonic Mania Plus was supposed to include a reversible cover that showcased retro artwork but it seems that Xbox One owners did not get the cover.

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DivineAssault 90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Such a sweet package too. Sucks for them. I wonder how many xbox owners actually supported this game

darthv7289d ago (Edited 89d ago )

I did and the problem is easily fixable by emailing the print shop who created them. They made a mistake and sent out the wrong inserts for packaging.

Anyone who did not get the double sided insert can email them at [email protected] They will reply asking for name, address, UPC number and date and place of purchase.

Relientk7789d ago

I would be mad if that happened to me. Hopefully Amazon fixes the issue and ships out the covers to them.

darthv7289d ago

It wont be amazon but the print shop who made them will.

Magnus89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

That sucks hopefully they correct this issue it would be awesome if this screw up had a collectors value down the road but I doubt it.

cha0sknightmare89d ago

Damn! the reversible sleeve is delicious! hope they can get it sorted!